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Aarin Asker

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Name: Aarin Asker
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthday: 0000-00-00
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Black
Breast: 0
Measurements: 0-0-0
Fake Boobs:
Shoe Size:
Tattoos: yes

Piercings: yes
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Naked Kombat

Latest Comments:
-- TJ Springer
March 9th 2017
The very first time I have ever been introduced to fisting enough to know what it is, Aaron Asker was my visual teaching aid. It so very well excited me to the point that Aarin's porno clip was the only thing I could get play back in my mind over and over. I was definitely in heat and wanting badly to know Aarin personally. I thought he was hot, I absolutely love his beard and his speaking voice. Because of that, he will always resonate with me in a very special place! I was pretty much a late bloomer when compared to everyone else who grew up around me. I have found myself taken back to the first sexual encounter I have ever had and I will like very much to see Aarin in a situation that is loosely based on my experience Aaron has been asked to house sit for some close friends who have gone out of town. While there and all alone, he keeps having an eerie feeling that he is being watched. He walks the house and inspects every room just to ease the paranoia. Just when he entered his comfort zone, the house phone rings and he answers. It's his friend who lives there calling to check on him and make sure that things are going well. He also tells him that he expects his uncle to come by to do some yard work and not to be startled because he has a key to the house and may let himself in. He is told not to be intimidated by his uncle who looks pretty tough and not like someone who shares niceties. Little does Aarin know, the studly god of an uncle is already there hiding away in the storage space under the staircase. He occasionally peeks out the door at Aarin who is unaware. Finally Aarin, who had engrossed himself in a suspenseful movie goes to the kitchen for popcorn. While he waits for it to pop, he rushes back to see what is going on in the movie. He is standing behind the sofa, watching the TV and his back is to the small room beneath the stairs. The mysterious man creeps out of the room and comes up behind Aarin who is clueless to his surroundings. Suddenly, Aarin finds that someone has grabbed him from behind and covered his mouth keeping him from screaming. He can tell from the grip and the strength that it is a man who is no stranger to working out. Aarin is paralyzed with fear and a feeling of helplessness. While he is being held and hand gagged, the man takes his free hand and puts it down inside the front of Aarin's pants! The man starts fondling Aarin who is scared to death and getting rather aroused sexually at the same time. He is still unable to speak, he can only make moanful sounds that are arousing the very horny mystery man. He begins to nibble Aarin's ears and suck his neck. Aarin grows weaker more vulnerable by the second. He becomes delirious and submissive, but the man lifts him up from behind and takes him into the cost room under the stairs. Aarin is so hot by now, he doesn't know what to do! When he can finally speak, he hesitantly asks, "Oh,please, sir! What are you going to do me?" The man replied, "I'm going to fuck the shit out you! You won't be able to escape, cause I am going to tie you up!" "OH please don't! I'll cooperate and do whatever you want!" The man demands for Aarin to suck his dick. Aarin hesitates and very nervously does as he is told. He thinks that his actions may spare him from being imprisoned. Once he has sucked the guy off and got him at the height of arousal, the guy pushes him away from his dick and starts ripping off Aarin's clothes. Aarin thought he would die if a dick that thick and large was forced up his ass. He starts pleading to be released. The man, with his dick at attention, ties Aarin up and gags him. The creepy stud forcefully spreads Aarin's ass cheeks apart and begins eating him out, using lots of tongue. Aarin wouldn't admit how awesome it felt. He just wiggled a little as though he was trying to escape. Once the victim was nice and well soaked, the stud began fucking him like there was no tomorrow! Aarin was completely at the mercy of his attacker. Each time Aarin felt the guy ejaculating inside of him, he could feel his ass loosening up more and more. Starting out, the predator could tell that Aarin had virgin ass, but it seemed very hungry at the same time. The perp thought he'd experiment with the helpless guys ass, once he finished dick fucking him. When he finished that, he started searching for different things around the room that he could put up the guys greedy asshole. The helpless victim had no choice but to take in everything the predator dished out. Finally, the predator finishes him off by fisting him and milking has him simultaneously. Once Aarin cums while he has a fist up his ass, he faints helplessly. The creepy stud looks at the now unconscious victim and smiles at his work that he's accomplished.
-- United States
-- Jayme Lassiter
March 10th 2017
Aarin has a smile and a sparkle that is cute enough to make the world stop! Keep it up!
-- United States
-- Trent Colby
March 10th 2017
Aarin. I can't comment on you without mentioning that dazzling bright and beautiful smile of yours. I find it to be intoxicating and gorgeous. Of course, that pulls us right into those luscious kissable lips of yours. I can't look at you without feeling a dire need to kiss you!
-- United States
-- Kody Stanislaus -Covington "K Dude"
March 12th 2017
What's up, Aarin? Been out for 2 years now. Been checking out your work and it's obvious to me that you are an athlete. I am also, I never knew that I was gay but I have always had an attraction that wasn't sexual to the same sex, but I never really addressed it since it wasn't sex driven. Couple years back, I guess my coach's radar went off and had me. I guess I can't call it rape, because I enjoyed it even though it was forced and I was in denial that it was happening. I could see you in a similar situation because you are fine as hell and ain't no way you could've had a coach to NOT notice how you got it going on! Here is my fantasy involving you: Coach pulls you out the game because of a knee injury. He has you to pack it in ice in the locker room only to get in the whirlpool afterwards. By the time you're in the whirlpool, game's over, your team has won!Coach has sent everyone away to celebrate,while he remains behind to focus attention on Aarin and his injury. While Aarin was in the whirlpool, coach hovered over him, occasionally putting his arms underwater and massaging Aarin's knee. Making obvious bold moves fondling the athlete and nearly jacking him off. Aarin, trying to keep his cool by acting like it's not going on, in his mind, he wants so badly to let his hair down because all of this touching feels fantastic! In the back of Aarin's mind, he actually hopes that the coach tears him apart sexually. After the whirlpool, Aarin's stretched out on the massage table. Coach is administering his velvet touch method. Aarin's relaxed, eyes closed,he's soaking it all up and wishing for more sexual activity. Suddenly he finds the coach has strapped him down and propped Aarin's bubble butt into the position. Aarin's feels the coach's powerful,strong hands massaging his ass and his rectum. It feels wonderful and intoxicating. Aarin feels himself loosing control,"Oh my God! Oh coach, please, oh please no! Oh, Don't! You're going to make me cum!" Aarin's sexy pleads only turned the coach on even more. He firmly gripped both of Aarin's ass cheeks and stretched them apart. Aarin felt the coach's long wet warm tongue drill deeply into his anus elevating him to another dimension! With euphoria washing all over his body, the tongue up his ass instantly triggered an orgasm that took over his body. After that, coach butt fucked him with no mercy at all. Everything seemed to come together once the coach fisted the helpless athlete and milked his dick at the same time.
-- United States
-- George "GW" Barbee
March 17th 2017
Seems like we should know each other, Aarin. You have a lot of sex appeal with me. I find you awfully hot and temptingly provocative. With your dreamy eyes, charming smile, and that tantalizing butt, you have everything you need to rule the world!! I feel as though I know you in the biblical sense, because when I go on my mental getaways, it's always with you. Can't count the number of times I have been inside of you, but each time was awesome and special for me. I wish you every happiness you desire.
-- United States
-- Max The Deej Hewes
March 21st 2017
Aarin Asker is a scrumptious, perfectly fit sexy morsel. This little guy is the precious, perfect candidate for a flick that has him captured,chloroformed, and kidnapped. I am picturing him going limp in the brawny arms of a muscled wonder who's put him out with the sleepy chemical. I see Aarin Asker being carried over the shoulder of the massive hunk of man , who later tears off all of Aarin's clothes. When Aarin comes to, he finds himself tied up and unable to escape. He has no choice but to take whatever the hulking hunk dishes out. He does any and everything to a moaning, screaming Aarin and finally finishes the little guy off with a fisting and edging at the same time. Fabulous!
-- United States
-- Jerry Thrift
March 21st 2017
Hi there, Aarin. I love you from head to toe! Actually, it would be great to make love to every single inch of your person. I had that dream dozens of times or more. Can't tell you what it would mean to me to go out in the town with you, hell, you could just come to my place and I will fix you a fabulous meal, I am a chef by profession. You would have to be the dessert! Mmmmmmmm! Delicious and delectable, I am eating butterscotch and whipped cream from your body!
-- United States
-- Thad Liveoak
March 22nd 2017
Hi there to my man Aarin Asker! I was watching a whole lot your flicks and I was pretty surprised by the levels of kink in some of them. I was pretty cool with most of it- well, all except the dudes who pissed on you. I don't knock what other people's fetishes are nor do I try to judge them. I just didn't like seeing you get pissed on, you are much to cute to be treated as trash or waste. It was somewhat ironic for me to see someone as yourself involved in that level of kink. From my own vast experiences, everytime I encountered guys who were into that particular level of kink didn't really have much else going on for themselves. You, Aarin Asker, are the whole package with many amenities added to it. Based on my own experiences, you do not fit the expected mold of a person who would engage in that level of kink. Please don't misunderstand me, I will always be a fan of yours, I love your work, and I find you very desirable and smoking hot!!! It was just a big surprise some of the things I saw, I feel that you, Aarin are so far beyond that. Best wishes to you!
-- United States



Naked Kombat

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