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Aarin Asker

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Name: Aarin Asker
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthday: 0000-00-00
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Black
Breast: 0
Measurements: 0-0-0
Fake Boobs:
Shoe Size:
Tattoos: yes

Piercings: yes
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Latest Comments:
-- TJ Springer
March 9th 2017
The very first time I have ever been introduced to fisting enough to know what it is, Aaron Asker was my visual teaching aid. It so very well excited me to the point that Aarin's porno clip was the only thing I could get play back in my mind over and over. I was definitely in heat and wanting badly to know Aarin personally. I thought he was hot, I absolutely love his beard and his speaking voice. Because of that, he will always resonate with me in a very special place! I was pretty much a late bloomer when compared to everyone else who grew up around me. I have found myself taken back to the first sexual encounter I have ever had and I will like very much to see Aarin in a situation that is loosely based on my experience Aaron has been asked to house sit for some close friends who have gone out of town. While there and all alone, he keeps having an eerie feeling that he is being watched. He walks the house and inspects every room just to ease the paranoia. Just when he entered his comfort zone, the house phone rings and he answers. It's his friend who lives there calling to check on him and make sure that things are going well. He also tells him that he expects his uncle to come by to do some yard work and not to be startled because he has a key to the house and may let himself in. He is told not to be intimidated by his uncle who looks pretty tough and not like someone who shares niceties. Little does Aarin know, the studly god of an uncle is already there hiding away in the storage space under the staircase. He occasionally peeks out the door at Aarin who is unaware. Finally Aarin, who had engrossed himself in a suspenseful movie goes to the kitchen for popcorn. While he waits for it to pop, he rushes back to see what is going on in the movie. He is standing behind the sofa, watching the TV and his back is to the small room beneath the stairs. The mysterious man creeps out of the room and comes up behind Aarin who is clueless to his surroundings. Suddenly, Aarin finds that someone has grabbed him from behind and covered his mouth keeping him from screaming. He can tell from the grip and the strength that it is a man who is no stranger to working out. Aarin is paralyzed with fear and a feeling of helplessness. While he is being held and hand gagged, the man takes his free hand and puts it down inside the front of Aarin's pants! The man starts fondling Aarin who is scared to death and getting rather aroused sexually at the same time. He is still unable to speak, he can only make moanful sounds that are arousing the very horny mystery man. He begins to nibble Aarin's ears and suck his neck. Aarin grows weaker more vulnerable by the second. He becomes delirious and submissive, but the man lifts him up from behind and takes him into the cost room under the stairs. Aarin is so hot by now, he doesn't know what to do! When he can finally speak, he hesitantly asks, "Oh,please, sir! What are you going to do me?" The man replied, "I'm going to fuck the shit out you! You won't be able to escape, cause I am going to tie you up!" "OH please don't! I'll cooperate and do whatever you want!" The man demands for Aarin to suck his dick. Aarin hesitates and very nervously does as he is told. He thinks that his actions may spare him from being imprisoned. Once he has sucked the guy off and got him at the height of arousal, the guy pushes him away from his dick and starts ripping off Aarin's clothes. Aarin thought he would die if a dick that thick and large was forced up his ass. He starts pleading to be released. The man, with his dick at attention, ties Aarin up and gags him. The creepy stud forcefully spreads Aarin's ass cheeks apart and begins eating him out, using lots of tongue. Aarin wouldn't admit how awesome it felt. He just wiggled a little as though he was trying to escape. Once the victim was nice and well soaked, the stud began fucking him like there was no tomorrow! Aarin was completely at the mercy of his attacker. Each time Aarin felt the guy ejaculating inside of him, he could feel his ass loosening up more and more. Starting out, the predator could tell that Aarin had virgin ass, but it seemed very hungry at the same time. The perp thought he'd experiment with the helpless guys ass, once he finished dick fucking him. When he finished that, he started searching for different things around the room that he could put up the guys greedy asshole. The helpless victim had no choice but to take in everything the predator dished out. Finally, the predator finishes him off by fisting him and milking has him simultaneously. Once Aarin cums while he has a fist up his ass, he faints helplessly. The creepy stud looks at the now unconscious victim and smiles at his work that he's accomplished.
-- United States
-- Jayme Lassiter
March 10th 2017
Aarin has a smile and a sparkle that is cute enough to make the world stop! Keep it up!
-- United States
-- Trent Colby
March 10th 2017
Aarin. I can't comment on you without mentioning that dazzling bright and beautiful smile of yours. I find it to be intoxicating and gorgeous. Of course, that pulls us right into those luscious kissable lips of yours. I can't look at you without feeling a dire need to kiss you!
-- United States
-- Kody Stanislaus -Covington "K Dude"
March 12th 2017
What's up, Aarin? Been out for 2 years now. Been checking out your work and it's obvious to me that you are an athlete. I am also, I never knew that I was gay but I have always had an attraction that wasn't sexual to the same sex, but I never really addressed it since it wasn't sex driven. Couple years back, I guess my coach's radar went off and had me. I guess I can't call it rape, because I enjoyed it even though it was forced and I was in denial that it was happening. I could see you in a similar situation because you are fine as hell and ain't no way you could've had a coach to NOT notice how you got it going on! Here is my fantasy involving you: Coach pulls you out the game because of a knee injury. He has you to pack it in ice in the locker room only to get in the whirlpool afterwards. By the time you're in the whirlpool, game's over, your team has won!Coach has sent everyone away to celebrate,while he remains behind to focus attention on Aarin and his injury. While Aarin was in the whirlpool, coach hovered over him, occasionally putting his arms underwater and massaging Aarin's knee. Making obvious bold moves fondling the athlete and nearly jacking him off. Aarin, trying to keep his cool by acting like it's not going on, in his mind, he wants so badly to let his hair down because all of this touching feels fantastic! In the back of Aarin's mind, he actually hopes that the coach tears him apart sexually. After the whirlpool, Aarin's stretched out on the massage table. Coach is administering his velvet touch method. Aarin's relaxed, eyes closed,he's soaking it all up and wishing for more sexual activity. Suddenly he finds the coach has strapped him down and propped Aarin's bubble butt into the position. Aarin's feels the coach's powerful,strong hands massaging his ass and his rectum. It feels wonderful and intoxicating. Aarin feels himself loosing control,"Oh my God! Oh coach, please, oh please no! Oh, Don't! You're going to make me cum!" Aarin's sexy pleads only turned the coach on even more. He firmly gripped both of Aarin's ass cheeks and stretched them apart. Aarin felt the coach's long wet warm tongue drill deeply into his anus elevating him to another dimension! With euphoria washing all over his body, the tongue up his ass instantly triggered an orgasm that took over his body. After that, coach butt fucked him with no mercy at all. Everything seemed to come together once the coach fisted the helpless athlete and milked his dick at the same time.
-- United States
-- George "GW" Barbee
March 17th 2017
Seems like we should know each other, Aarin. You have a lot of sex appeal with me. I find you awfully hot and temptingly provocative. With your dreamy eyes, charming smile, and that tantalizing butt, you have everything you need to rule the world!! I feel as though I know you in the biblical sense, because when I go on my mental getaways, it's always with you. Can't count the number of times I have been inside of you, but each time was awesome and special for me. I wish you every happiness you desire.
-- United States
-- Max The Deej Hewes
March 21st 2017
Aarin Asker is a scrumptious, perfectly fit sexy morsel. This little guy is the precious, perfect candidate for a flick that has him captured,chloroformed, and kidnapped. I am picturing him going limp in the brawny arms of a muscled wonder who's put him out with the sleepy chemical. I see Aarin Asker being carried over the shoulder of the massive hunk of man , who later tears off all of Aarin's clothes. When Aarin comes to, he finds himself tied up and unable to escape. He has no choice but to take whatever the hulking hunk dishes out. He does any and everything to a moaning, screaming Aarin and finally finishes the little guy off with a fisting and edging at the same time. Fabulous!
-- United States
-- Jerry Thrift
March 21st 2017
Hi there, Aarin. I love you from head to toe! Actually, it would be great to make love to every single inch of your person. I had that dream dozens of times or more. Can't tell you what it would mean to me to go out in the town with you, hell, you could just come to my place and I will fix you a fabulous meal, I am a chef by profession. You would have to be the dessert! Mmmmmmmm! Delicious and delectable, I am eating butterscotch and whipped cream from your body!
-- United States
-- Thad Liveoak
March 22nd 2017
Hi there to my man Aarin Asker! I was watching a whole lot your flicks and I was pretty surprised by the levels of kink in some of them. I was pretty cool with most of it- well, all except the dudes who pissed on you. I don't knock what other people's fetishes are nor do I try to judge them. I just didn't like seeing you get pissed on, you are much to cute to be treated as trash or waste. It was somewhat ironic for me to see someone as yourself involved in that level of kink. From my own vast experiences, everytime I encountered guys who were into that particular level of kink didn't really have much else going on for themselves. You, Aarin Asker, are the whole package with many amenities added to it. Based on my own experiences, you do not fit the expected mold of a person who would engage in that level of kink. Please don't misunderstand me, I will always be a fan of yours, I love your work, and I find you very desirable and smoking hot!!! It was just a big surprise some of the things I saw, I feel that you, Aarin are so far beyond that. Best wishes to you!
-- United States
-- Jacque Bjorn
March 26th 2017
My beautiful sexy darling man, Aarin Asker, I think that you are gorgeous delightful little candies for me eyes! For me hands, you are so silky to the touching. The dick looks as yummy and priceless art. Your ass looks so much very delicious to eat. I think it so very nice to wake out each of the day to see the very pretty face and bewitched smile to charm me away from my clothes. I want to see you and get autograph photo of you. Please to be my friends,handsome sir. Love you much times.
-- United States
-- Ben Travers
March 29th 2017
Aarin Asker is a star with very humble qualities. I don't think that he is really aware of the physical star qualities he possesses. I would like to see Aarin paired off with the sex gods Adam Killian and Diesel Washington. Take that sex appeal of yours and own it with confidence!!! Make yourself more visible to the masses. You're a great gift for us!
-- United States
-- Ray Ellington
April 1st 2017
A friend of mine turned me on to you on last night. You're a pretty cute looking guy with great body and sexy feet. We watched all the footage on you that I think was available. It sorta made me feel like we have become friends with you. At least I feel like I know you. I remembered that you like to dance and dancing was how you got started in the industry. I know that you admire Janet Jackson and you did some of her choregraped dance moves. We have a bit in common and we like some of the same things. The difference with me is that I am a gymnast. I feel crazy sending this to you, I have never done anything like this before. I just couldn't resist it. After getting acquainted with you last night, I can't think of much else. I feel like you could be my next door neighbor, with lots and lots of delicious benefits of course.
-- United States
-- Ceddie Doyle
April 2nd 2017
Aarin Asker has a very captivating look going for him. The more I look at him, the more I WANT to look at him. He can pull you in with those eyes and he'll MAKE you want him! A really sexy and cute guy! If I could,I would steal you and keep you for myself! God, you're so pretty!
-- United States
-- Biff Connors
April 4th 2017
Wow, I just found out that Aarin Asker was a dancer! I think that is just so cool! I would love to see him do some moves, he's got to be awesome as I know that one of his dance idols is Ms. Janet Jackson! I have a video flick thought to share and maybe you can develop it into some type of production or something. I see Aarin playing a part of a male exotic dancer for gay men. He catches the eye of one of the club regulars who happens to be a big spender, generous tipper, and a dashing, fit athletic god who is having a private celebration. He locks eyes on Aarin's rump shaking,pelvic thrusting moves and it turns him all the way on. Meanwhile, Aarin's in the zone getting into his dance moves rather innocently, not aware that the stalking predator views him as sexual prey! Mr. Big Money enlists Aarin for a more intimate private dance for him and a small handful of his closest pals. Aarin, being a slave to his passion for dance, is very happy and enthusiastic about providing the entertainment to the small appreciative group of celebrating gorgeous hunks. As Aarin performs, his moves are enticing the guys more and more, but the innocent dancer is totally oblivious to this. Suddenly, Mr. Big Spender can't handle it anymore,he forcefully grabs poor defenseless Aarin, bends him over, holds him down and starts eating right through the dancer's bikini bottoms. "Please,sir! Oh, you mustn't!" Aarin tries to escape and defend himself. Big Spender grabs him again from the back and covers Aarin's mouth and nose with a chloroformed face towel.Aarin immediately melted right into the predator's arms. A couple of the other dancers nearby notice Aarin's plight and grow concerned and fearful, as they witness the seemingly lifeless body of their dance associate being carried off to "God knows where." When that destination is reached, Aarin is tied up and repeatedly, aggressively raped and ravished until he simply collapses of extreme exhaustion!
-- United States
-- Q. Allan Banks
April 5th 2017
They just can't get any cuter than Aarin Asker! I don't think that it is even possible, that there are any in the same industry who are as cute and sculptured as he. If he wasn't so damned fine and had such a great looking ass, Aarin Asker would actually be too cute to fuck! It would be just like having an expensive set of delicate fine china, great to showcase for its beauty, but not practical for everyday use. So glad I am that Aarin is no fine piece of china! Thank goodness for that! If I was ever so lucky as to get with Aarin Asker for sex, I would have to bag his face for totally different reasons. Aarin Asker is so goddamned cute, that there seems to be a built in innocence behind the eyes. It would make me feel such guilt that I would feel as though I was doing something wrong! Just face it, he is a real cutie and you will never see that face again in the world of adult entertainment. They say that Helen of Troy had the face that sank a thousand ships; well obviously they haven't seen the face of Aarin Asker! Hey Aarin, how the hell did you get so fucking cute?
-- United States
-- Art Dickens
April 6th 2017
The word is out that sexy, handsome, cutie, Aarin Asker is a dancer. Let's see this dashing dude bust a move! Actually, I would like to see them produce a film project of some type that would allow the performers to showcase the talents that they don't get to expose being that they are in the business of adult film. I think that this would be a great way to get more close and personal with these sexy guys whom we have grown very intimately with. This way, we, the fans, are more like friends. It's all very obvious that the guys are desirable and sexy with great bods. I think it would be more interesting to see how many of them are singers, dancers,musicians, poets, acrobats,and athletes. It would be great to honor the guys for the talents we don't know about, then honor the obvious talents which we lust after!
-- United States
-- Lee Springs
April 6th 2017
Wow, man! I just saw an Aarin Asker clip where he and this guy were getting it on in a locker room. Aarin climbed up on some sort of dressing table or something on all fours. The guy stuck his finger up Aarin's ass right through the shorts he was wearing. After the guy crammed his finger up Aarin's cute asshole, he just ripped the rear end out of Aarin's shorts! It was just like his perfect round ass simply burst right through the seat of those briefs! God dam it was so fucking hot! I am still turned on about it. It was just so enticing to me. Now I want for everyone wh does a sex scene with Aarin Asker to rip out the seat of his drawers just like that and just start eating and rimming the holy shit out of him until he squirms and moans! Damnit, that was sonhot and I can't get it off my mind!
-- United States
-- Kevin Spillers
April 9th 2017
An idea that I have played over and over in my head involves Aarin Asker as the object of desire in The Torture Chamber. Aarin has been rehearsing for an upcoming event at the neighborhood theater involving dance. He has a big solo number that promises to bring the house down. This has caused him to spend long grueling hours in the dance studio practicing his choreographed moves all alone. On this particular night, Aarin has been working much later than usual and on his way home, he is reminded that his fridge and cupboards are bare at his cool warehouse loft studio condo. He stops at a neighborhood grocery store that will be closing shop for the evening rather shortly. When he parks his car and hurries into the grocers, a pimped out mysterious looking van with dark tinted windows parks next to Aarin's vehicle. Three dark,handsome,intimidating dudes get out of the van and enter the store just seconds following Aarin who is unaware of their creepy presence. The guys are watching Aarin do his grocery shopping and are following him while doing some shopping of their own. They lustfully stalk Aarin, watching him go up and down the different aisles, looking thirstily at his ass when he picks up items from the bottom shelves and placing them in his cart. At one point, one of the guys was bold enough to walk ahead and brush against Aarin while he was bending over, making sure to make contact by flirt fully grabbing Aarin's ass and winking at him. Aarin, who is use to being admired yet remaining very polite cheerfully returns some friendly banter to the guy. Once their eyes have met, Aarin is bewitched and very interested in his admirer/stalker. Perhaps a date can come from this. Once the shopping is done and the items have been purchased, Aarin is going to his car and loading the goodies in back. His admirer is right behind him going to the dark van. The parking lot is quite deserted and the lights in the store are dimmed drastically as the store is closing. The other two guys have dropped back so they are not as visible and are now adorning ski masks. The admirer walks ahead to load up the van with the few items he purchased and once his two bags of goodies have been loaded, he notices that Aarin's still busy loading bags so the admirer makes his way over making sure to fondle Aarin as he approaches. Aarin, although a little off guard, was a bit startled, but quickly decided that he enjoyed the attention he was getting from the handsome hunk. As the hunk was sure to keep Aarin distracted, the other two stalkers grabbed Aarin and was fondling him in all of his private areas. Aarin was unsuccessful attempting to fight them off, he kept trying to turn and get a look at his captors but never got a look at them. Out of nowhere, someone covered Aarin's mouth and nose with a damp was chloroform and Aarin was soon out like a light! He was loaded into the van and they drove off with him in back. One of the captors who really got aroused at handling Aarin's limp, helpless, sexy body up close decided that he wasn't going to let Aarin free of his hold at all. He kept holding the cute and fit dancer intimately close and taking cheap opportunities at fondling the unconscious victim's ass and genitals while stealing kisses here and there. The captor who was responsible for driving looked in the rear view mirror to notice that Blake, who decided to continue holding Aarin, had managed to undress the poor guy down to his jock and had him draped over the seat and eating Aarin's cute little asshole. "Damnit, man!! We ain't that far from the warehouse! Can't you wait until we get there!?" "Hell no! This little sexy motherfucker is fine as hell and my dick is just too hard to wait it out! Shit, if you were holding this sexy body and this tight ass close to you, you would be probably doing the same thing I am doing to him right fucking now!" Alex, the one who got to talk and flirt with Aarin in the store looked back at what was going on, "Damn! He's already got the party started. Can't blame him though. I was ready to rape that little fine ass fucker while he was shopping in grocery store; can't be helped, I fully understand, and the little guy is so fucking irresistible! Sometimes you can't wait till Christmas to open up the pretty packages!" They have arrived at the warehouse and it looks strangely familiar! It's the same building Aarin actually lives in. They enter the warehouse and get in the freight lift and go to the 5th floor. Aarin's loft is on the 3rd floor, but the unconscious lad who is unclothed, unconscious,and draped over the broad shoulder of the captor who had already started fucking him in the van,had no way of knowing that they have just bypassed his sanctuary and safe place. When they get out on the very private and secluded 5th floor, the entire penthouse level of the warehouse was decked out as an elaborate sex slave dungeon. Aarin was bound to a sling and gagged and the guys all took turns fucking the poor little guy until he woke up, but when he did awake, he didn't have the same gag they placed on him, he was gagged by an oversized erect dick that strained his jaw muscles because of its girth! The lad was choking and getting fucked at the same time. He had no clue as to where he was or how he got there. Once the dick that gagged him was withdrawn and allowed to shoot, Aarin , very frightened and confused,asked,"Please, where am I ? You must let me go! Look, I have money and I can give it to you....please, oh you're hurting me. I'm so afraid, please don't!" Throughout the time spent in the dungeon,Aarin has been bound and tied to a variety of sexual apparatuses and fucked and sucked and forced to suck, that they finally graduated to edging the poor guy and administering various techniques of kink to the victim. After so much edging and not allowing Aarin to cum, things finally culminated when the guys fisted,him , jacked him off, and forced him to suck dick all at the same time. Aarin was so exhausted from hours of torture, when he was finally allowed to cum, it was so great that it put him back to unconsciousness.
-- United States
-- Garrett Fowler
April 9th 2017
I want to see sexy little gorgeous guy Aarin Asker getting captured and kidnapped by a smooth,domineering top kinda dude. I want the dude to tie Aarin up and give him the sexual torture if a lifetime. I want him lick, eat, and duct Aarin's toes and feet until the little guy can't handle it anymore. I want the dude to tickle and fuck Aarin's feet until he about goes out of his mind. Next, I want him to kiss Aarin in the mouth so long and passionately that the little guy can barely breathe. I want his armpits, neck, and ears to be nibbled raw. Then I want him to turn Aarin over, stretch his ass to the maximum and eat it out until it is completely saturated in slimy saliva and Aarin feels like his ass has been hollowed out. Then I want Aarin fucked with one of the largest, girthiest dicks he has ever had only to be followed by a fisting that nearly goes up to the dude's elbow. Finally, I want to see Aarin getting jacked off by machine powered devices that vibrate and tremble the little guys whole body and forces him to release the biggest and most unbelievable load that Aarin himself is in disbelief of what is being discharged from his sexy body! The torture session has thoroughly exhausted the sexy little hunk so that his Dom has a merciful heart and frees Aarin from all his restraints and he picks up our little guy and carries from the dungeon in a bridal cradling fashion and gently places the sexual victim in a plush, comfortable bed to recover.
-- United States
-- Jeremy JB Fitzpatrick
April 9th 2017
I have fallen madly in love with Aarin Asker. It's pretty bad for me because I feel like a teenager who has a crush on an unreachable celebrity. I actually had a dream that I felt so embarrassed about, but I told my bestie about it and we laughed heartily over it, I only hope that Aarin finds it just as funny! I dreamt that I entered this contest that was in one of the gay magazines. You could win an all expense paid date to last 48 hours with the adult film star of your choice. I entered and found out 3 months later that I was the grand prize winner. I chose Aarin Asker as my date and I was the most excited that I had ever been. I anxiously awaited for you the big day, we were going to have a romantic 48 hours at a resort in Nantucket and I was over the moon! When the day came and I was just about to meet my sexy idol, I was a bundle of nerves and awkward clumsiness. I even had developed a stuttering speech habit! I was formerly introduced to my date, Aarin Asker, and I was star struck like never before! With stuttering speech, I asked for a kiss and being a polite gentleman, Aarin kissed me lightly on the lips with just a hint of tongue. In one instant, as soon as I was kissed, my dick got instantly hard and the second it swelled to its maximum size,I instantly squirted a humongous load of cream in my pants! It flowed so quickly that I thought I had pissed myself! The embarrassment came as Aarin was instantly able to tell what had just happened to me! It was just like he could see beneath my clothes! He was the consummate professional and very accommodating to me. I felt so awkward! Aarin knew I was nervous, but he spent the entire time trying to get me to relax and see that he was a regular guy. Finally later that evening, Aarin asked me what did I most want to do that evening and he was going to see that it came to fruition! I bashfully told him that I wanted to make out with him and make love to his butt! Aarin bucked his eyes in surprised and laughed a little, but was careful to project that he was laughing with me and not at me. Aarin was making my dreams come true and I was really nervous and in disbelief. I was touching his wonderful body and he could feel me trembling, he kept telling me to relax with light tender kisses and assuring me that everything was ok. I asked Aarin if I could be allowed to rim him and toss his salad. Aarin said "SURE! I thought you would never ask! That's one of my most favorite things in the world!" He got into position to where I could satisfy him and as soon as I inserted my tongue inside of his butthole,my whole mouth cramped up and I was unable to move! There I was stuck to Aarin's ass with my tongue lodged up his butt! We couldn't get apart. It became a big deal as Aarin had to call 911, paramedics. Ambulance service was dispatched and so was news media! We had to go to the ER to be pulled apart, and talk about embarrassment, our story was on national news and every Adult Magazine on the newsstand had the story featured on the cover. The gay magazine from which I won the date sent me a special edition copy which had a picture of me with my mouth stuck to Aarin's ass as the cover!
-- United States
-- Keith Hickman
April 10th 2017
I want to see Aarin Asker get fucked by that big Black sexy dude, Diesel Washington! He is a very dominating presence when he fucks! He always says that he gotta lick it for he stick it and when eats it, MAN,HE EATS ALL OF IT! I watched him many times,his tongue is long and he ain't scared to use it! Beside that, Aarin is just so little and cute standing next to Diesel. Diesel will just pick him up and have his way and Aarin will never forget it,he will be all the way satisfied and he will know he been fucked! I have not seen Aarin in a sex scene with a black man,and I want to see that very much!
-- United States
-- George Landry
April 13th 2017
Aarin, my man! You have to make a video and let this great looking Ebony stud called XL bang the hell out of you. I am sure that your ass will enjoy and appreciate it a lot. You have to do this and it needs to be very soon! Another stud who needs to fuck you in a movie is that athletic muscular god, Zeb Atlas! That'll be really hot sizzling action to watch!
-- United States
-- Bart Quinn
April 18th 2017
Aarin Asker is the star of my idea of a gay sex scenario flick, I am calling it the Optical Illusions?! It's about a stage theater magician who is mysterious and mystical and growing in popularity. Orsini the great is a middle aged eccentric magical artist off the stage. He is flamboyant,mischievous, and a secretly freakish sexual deviant. His magic show is on a regional tour and this creates show biz entertainment opportunities to young handsome hunks who would like to get started in the industry. Every city where Orsini's show tours, he picks a local guy to be his on stage magic assistant. The strange thing is the guys who were chosen in the previous cities have yet to be seen around since the show completed and moved on to the next city. The guys are being seen during their big debuts after which they are literally disappearing! The rumor mill has a wealth of stories about the supposed fates of the guys who have gone MIA. Orsini has just brought his magic show to the town of Riverwood and the excitement is in the air. There is a casting call for an assistant to the magician and all the requirements are strictly physical appearance based. Orsini wants guys who are both cute and handsome at the same time. The guys must be sexy, graceful in movement, able to dance, have a bubble butt and great legs, and finally look great in the X rated strange costume which is a sassy, extremely short Scottish kilt which fits like a woman's mini skirt. The assistant is not allowed to wear any type of undergarment with the kilt and of course, with the guys having to have a bubble butt, it can be interestingly provocative the way it looks on the perfect guy. Of all the young prospects in Riverwood, Aarin Asker is seemingly the shoe in choice for the assistant. Aarin is very much optimistic about his chances. Orsini is in heavy heavy lust over Aarin being his assistant. When Aarin auditioned, he wore all spandex gear which showed off all of his goodies. Orsini was really infatuated with Aarin's bulges in the front and rear of his spandex shorts. In fact, during Aarin's audition, he did a very sexy dance routine that was full of stripper moves,he even grinded a bit on the stripper pole which was very unusual. Orsini had a huge boner throughout Aarin's erotic audition. He loved the shape of Aarin's ass in the spandex and was really anxious to visualize the hunk in the mini length tilted kilt. He knew that Aarin's bubble butt would've made the skirt fit higher up in the rear which would make the kilt appear to tilt!! Orsini, who wasn't able to keep his hands away from his own crotch the entire time Aarin was on stage auditioning. His dick was getting harder and harder, he could not stand it anymore,clutching his cock in his hand under the table where he was sitting, Orsini abruptly interrupted Aarin and asked him to come to his office with him to try on the uniform. He walked up to Aarin, still clutching his crotch in his left hand, he planted his right hand smack in the middle of Aarin's ass crack while palming one of the hunk's muscular butt cheeks and guides him to his office/dressing room. As soon as they entered Orsini's office,he locked the door behind them for privacy. Orsini tells Aarin to strip down and put on the mini kilt. He points to a privacy screen for Aarin to change clothes behind. As he dressed, they continued to talk. Aarin said,"Your taste in costume apparel is very unusual,Mr.Orsini. Why a kilt?". Orsini explained that his heritage is a mixture of Scottish and Italian and his act is to represent that. He went on to say that the kilt was made from enchanted bewitched fabric that had been blessed with spells and incantations that harbor the secrets to all of his staged magic tricks. The only way his tricks work is if his assistant is wearing a garmet made from the supernatural material. Aarin was totally captivated by the story he was being told. The entire time he was dressing, Orsini was holding his crotch impatiently waiting to see the hunk in the mini kilt. When Aarin had the kilt on, he walked out and stood in front of a full length mirror to examine the fit. "Mr. Orsini, sir. We need a few alterations. You can see the bottom of my balls and dick,and with even the slightest movement, you can see my ass!" Orsini casually strolls over and steps up right behind Aarin joining him at the mirror. He is slightly taller than Aarin so he is reaching over Aarin's shoulders and very intimately showing the proper draping of the kilt and the shortness of it, the way it was meant to hang. Aarin, who was feeling unsure about wearing such a short kilt with nothing underneath it. As he attempts to say something about it, Orsini puts his hand over Aarin's mouth and clutches it to keep him quiet. Orsini took his free hand and put it under the kilt and started jacking off Aarin's dick. The youngster was being overcome by the lustful passionate touch which was putting him under a spell. He could feel Orsini's dick getting hard against his nearly naked ass under the short kilt as the magician stood closely behind Aarin. The cute guy appeared to become drunken by the magic hand that was fondling beneath the skirt. Still unable to talk, Aarin closed his eyes and tilted his head back, resting upon the magician's shoulder. Orsini smiled, he knew he had control of Aarin, the signs revealed that he had control over the submissive hunk. Orsini started nibbling gently on Aarin's sensitive neck, and the hunk started to moan and give in. Aarin shot cum right in Orsini's hand and looked like he may faint. Orsini picked him up and carried him back to the desk. Aarin was bent over the desk top and Orsini lifted the little skirt and started tongue fucking poor Aarin who could do nothing but moan in delight. Once the ass was soaked,Aarin was fucked mercilessly on the desktop. He got the job, and Orsini took the ass from him. He possessed the young prince. When the actual magic show took place, Aarin was indeed the eye candy assistant with all the tricks. He had captured everyone's attention just because of the kilt he was wearing. The show started off with small, traditional stage tricks, card tricks, steel rings, scarf tricks, bouquets of flowers, rabbit out of a hat,etc. The tricks were all a hit and Aarin added a sexy flair to all of them. The crowd fell in love with the handsome prince and envy was beginning to take over Orsini. Next, Orsini had the assistant lie on the table and draped him with a large shimmering cloth covered in sequins. This was the levitation trick. Aarin was levitated to a height just above Orsini's head. Orsini put his hand under the blanket and started finger fucking Aarin while he floated on air! Aarin grew very weak and helpless under Orsini's spell just as before. When the levitation was done and Aarin was back in the floor and able to walk, Orsini had given the youngster aHUGE erection while fingering him. The boner extended clean out from under the kilt. Then they walked over to the tall Glass cabinet. Aarin was to be suspended from the inner ceiling of the cabinet by harness. Once the cabinet was closed, it was covered by a curtain and uncovered and Aarin disappeared. Orsini then git in the cabinet and disappeared to apparently join Aarin in the other dimension. Sure enough, it looks like he disappeared to. Actually mirrors made them disappear from the audience's view. Aarin was actually trapped in the cabinet still suspended from the ceiling and Orsini was in there with him fondling him and sucking his cock. The audience was mystified as they could hear the sounds of passion as Aarin was being devoured by Orsini performing oral sex on him. The applause was thunderous when they returned. The gran finale was the guillotine! It always stomps the crowd. Aarin was made to put his neck and wrists in the securements,this made him have to bend over and show his full bubble ass to the crowd. The guillotine was on a turntable, so once Aarin was locked in position, Orsini gave the turntable a final 360 to satisfy any lustful perverts in the audience. Everyone got a prime view of Aarin's beautiful uncovered ass. When the blade was released on the guillotine, both Aarin and Orsini disappeared at the same time! Standing Ovation! No one knew where they went! Aarin found himself in a large dungeon type of room, perhaps a basement. Nevertheless he hadn't seen this place before and he was still locked in the securements that resembled a headboard of a bed. He was still bent over and Orsini was eating his ass getting ready to fuck him again. Aarin was crying out for help! He wanted yo be free but couldn't get loose. While being fucked,Aarin looked around the room and saw at least 15 very good looking young hunks who were all wearing kilts similar to the one he was wearing. Strangely enough all these desirable guys were in chains and unable to get free. They were all crying for help too. When Orsini finished fucking Aarin's ass again, he explained how the show had toured 15 cities already. There were 15 sex slaves in the room all in chains. They were all wearing the seductive mini kilt,which was the official uniform of the assistant. Aarin had a minute to register all of this in his head. He now realizes that these are all the assistants Orsini collected from the other tour stops. Orsini laughs sinisterly and brags about owning the stable full of gorgeous hunks and how they shall belong to him forever! He can have anyone of them whenever he wants them!
-- United States
-- Deane Freeman
April 26th 2017
I have a desire to see Aarin Asker incorporated into the latest buzz I have heard about a flick involving a new type of gay vampire. It would be a complete thrill seeing Aarin Asker being sensously devoured and turned into a vampire. He is extremely visually responsive to all types of touch during passionate exchange. I have seen him in action and that is what makes him such a joy and pleasure to watch on the screen. Seeing him being put into a trance by a sexy vampire sends a chill through my body. The thought of the vampire eating out Aarin's ass and milking his dick practically gives me an orgasm. Aarin would absolutely set things on fire with his moanful cries and quivering flinches as he surrenders himself to the prince of the undead. How I would love to see this materialize!
-- United States
-- Vaughn Albright
April 28th 2017
One of the most expressive faces you'll find in the world of entertainment is going to be the face of Aarin Asker. The photogenic handsome cutie is quite possibly one of the elite few who can hold an entire conversation without using his mouth to speak. By definition, this alone qualifies you to be a critically acclaimed actor,and I feel that Aarin Asker has that kind of star power. I would like to see Aarin Asker challenge his acting muscles doing a sex scene that will push him to use extreme facial expression to make the audience understand the depth of what he feels. I believe that I have an idea for a flick that will challenge Aarin to push the envelope of his expressive abilities. Aarin plays the role of a mental health care patient in an extended stay mental health facility. At the moment, Aarin is in session with his psychiatrist and he is having a monumental emotional break through of a traumatic experience he recalls from his childhood. Aarin is running high on emotions and tremendous fear, his shrink is trying diligently to maintain some level of control, but the situation proves itself to be quite the challenge. Aarin's behavior is beginning to swell and approach the level of "over the top." The psychiatrist feels that he may have to be medicated, he has to call the central nursing station so that they will dispatch a couple orderlies to transport him psyche ward for sedative injections. As the doctor waits for the orderlies to arrive, he walks over to Aarin in efforts to try and calm him down. He looks at this gorgeous hunk of patient and visualizes stripping the guy down and allowing his hands to physically explore every inch of Aarin's fit body. Aarin's facial hair draws attention to his beautiful lips. Doc had focused in on Aarin's lips and wants to kiss him passionately. He hugs Aarin from the back and strokes Aarin's chest and stomach. He nibbles on Aarin's neck and works his way to the left ear of the patient. Doc slides his tongue deep into Aarin's ear and Aarin becomes putty in the doctor's hands. He turns Aarin around to face him and pulls him in close. Aarin appears to be calling down somewhat. Fear still exists in his eyes though. "Please Dr. Benton, it happens to me over and over again no matter where I go in this hospital. They do these things to me and I get so weak. Then I get excited and sometimes my pants are wet on the inside. Sometimes they do these things to butt and my ass gets wet inside! Please help me. Sometimes they make me faint and I wake up without any clothes on and I don't know what happened with them. Please rescue me doctor, I just don't know what to do!" Aarin poured out his heart in spite of the horniness the psychiatrist was ensuing him to feel. Doctor Benton looked longingly into Aarin's eyes and asked Aarin if he he likes to have things done to him. He said that he only likes it sometimes and that other times, it's too much because everyone does it to him all day long and the only time it doesn't happen is when he is left alone in his room. While in the midst of explaining this to his doctor, Aarin gasps and shrieks in sheer surprise."Oh my god, doctor not you?! Oh please...." Aarin realizes that he has an erection and Dr. Benton's hand is inside of Aarin's pants whacking on his dick. "Shhh! It's all going to be alright, Aarin. I'll get you something to help you relax!" He takes his free hand to the rear of Aarin's hospital bottoms and slides his fingers up inside of Aarin's ass! "Oh no! Not again!" Aarin cried and fainted right into the arms of one of the orderlies who managed to slip in the office undetected and eased up right behind Aarin closely and just enough time to catch him from hitting the floor. The orderly scooped Aarin up in his arms while the partner orderly came forth to assist. Aarin was put on a gurney and into stirrups. They gassed the patient and started sucking his dick. While Dr. Benton sucked Aarin's dick,the orderlies put the patient in restraints. Once Aarin was made to cum in his unconscious state, they adjusted him and all three took a turn at humping and fucking his ass. Once this form of tranquilizers was administered to Aarin,he was carted off to the psyche ward. He was awakened rather traumatically. A doctor was shining a light in his eyes and then put a tongue depressor in his mouth and told him to aaah. All of a sudden a huge fat cock was drilling its way down Aarin's throat. Some strange doctor who Aarin had never seen before was fucking his face! The doctor made a mess of Aarin's face. He had the patient gagging and choking on cock, soon enough there was a sticky mess of semen all over Aarin's mouth and in his hair. Aarin was flipped over by this different doctor who was eating Aarin's ass like it was his last day on earth! The two orderlies from earlier were busy worshipping Aarin's toes and feet. He was later carted off to another exam room and a staff member of hospital had blind folded Aarin and was putting different sized dildos up Aarin's ass till he graduated with the largest one available. After that, there was nothing else larger that could be fed to his hungry ass. The doctor worked his fingers up Aarin's ass until a fist and arm was impaled up Aarin's butt, the doctor was jacking the dick while fisting! Aarin cried out with moanful pleading and delirium all at once. When the orderlies finished foot worship, they began prepping him up to be taken to the operating room! He was gassed again and carted off. The operating room was nothing more than a demon's den of kink! Poor Aarin was tied up and strapped to so many different devices that he felt that he was being traumatized all over again. He was being edged by the operating room staff. Once all was done to him, Aarin woke up in a recovery room on a gurney while wearing a straitjacket and a gag. He was all alone and scared!
-- United States
-- Daxton Tibbet
May 18th 2017
The latest tidbits of chatter I have come across is news of a new FANGled gay vampire flick where the vampire is really an all powerful, hot, gorgeous bad ass with telekinetic powers, telepathy, and hypnosis. To top that off, he gets his by hypnosis and a nibbling on the neck for possession of his victim's will and soul. When he goes for the kill, he actually eats the ass as would a regular vampire sucks necks. If he eats the ass and milks the dick simultaneously, the victim becomes a vampire as well! I have to say that's pretty hot and definitely original. If all this buzz does bring us a sexy gay vampire movie to watch, I so want Aarin Asker to be a member of the cast. He has a very expressive face, probably the most expressive in the industry. That face will make him an ideal victim of the vampire. I can see Aarin now being locked in to eye contact with the blood sucking prince. Aarin is lured from his bed in the middle of the night walking across rolling grassy hills in the night air wearing a flimsy night shirt with nothing underneath. He is led to romantic mate, who picks Aarin up in his arms and takes him to his sacred quarters. Using telekinetic power, the vampire levitates Aarin and bends him over in mid air. The vampire steps underneath Aarin, lifts up the night shirt to expose Aarin's hairy asshole and cock. The whole time, Aarin has a look of yearning in his eyes. He wants to be taken sexually and the carnal hunger shows in his face. "Take me, master! I belong to you!" I can hear Aarin proclaiming in a trance. The vampire sinks his fangs into Aarin's ass. While sucking the ass, he begins milking away at Aarin's dick and Aarin's eyes dramatically roll back in his head as euphoria takes his body. Thick, seminal goo flows like a river of milk and Aarin becomes a vampire. That would be so cool to see on the screen, and Aarin is the perfect person to pull off that scene. Please become a part of this if it's to come to life!
-- United States



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