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Adam Killian

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Name: Adam Killian
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthday: 0000-00-00
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Breast: 0
Measurements: 0-0-0
Fake Boobs:
Shoe Size:
Tattoos: yes

Piercings: no
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Latest Comments:
-- Cliff Miller
March 28th 2017
Adam Killian, outside the overflowing amount of lust I have for you, I also harbor immeasurable amounts of respect and adoration for you. I hope so that you are not offended, but athletes the expense of sounding cheesy, I want you to know that I refer to you as my Beloved! I credit you for helpIng me to discover who I really am. I am gay and I never knew that I was. I have never felt an attraction to a man before seeing you. I have never been homophobic, many of my friends are gay, and it never made me feel uncomfortable. One day, I was picking up one of my gay friends to go study together at the library for a midterm test. When I got there to pick him up, he wasn't ready and told me to come in and wait. I did just that and in doing so, my friend was watching an adult gay porn flick in which you were the star. Justin asked me to excuse him, because he wasn't going anywhere without finishing the movie he was watching. He told me to help myself to a snack in the kitchen, because I may be offended by the content of the movie. I just happened to glance at the screen while on the way to go the kitchen and whoa!! I froze in my tracks as I was looking at the sexiest most desirable man I had ever seen in my entire life, Adam Killian. It was like I was in a trance. I was looking at this mysterious, exotic man the same way I had looked at girls, and I was enjoying it! I watched as another guy was fucking you as you were submissive. The scene was pretty intense and I had never seen anything like it. The man started rimming and licking away at your phenomenal ass and I was fully erect in my pants. Next I heard sounds of pleasure coming from you as the guy made an appetizer out of your athletic tush. I couldn't look away for a second, I wanted to see EVERYTHING. This guy ate your ass until you automatically started to cum, and you weren't masturbating with your hand at all. Pure 100% passion and rimming sensation alone triggered your eruption while you were on all fours getting the delight of the century! The camera showed the guys tongue slide deep inside of you and I remembered feeling light headed. It wasn't long before the guy slid his big fat dick inside of your beautiful ass and started thrusting away. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Long story short, when it was over, I shot the largest load ever in my pants and I was very embarrassed. Justin said he was ready if I was. I told him that I had to sit down! I asked him who the sexy guy was who was getting fucked up the ass and he was like, "Oh, that's Adam. Adam Killian. All I could say to him was that I thought that I might be gay because I was wanting Adam Killian more than I had ever wanted anyone. I couldn't get this beautiful specimen off my mind. I wasn't ready to go study at all. Justin was more than happy to welcome me in to the fold. He volunteered to give me my first blow job and from what I could remember, it was great. I couldn't tell you much about it because I was visualizing Adam Killian the whole time. Afterwards, Justin wanted me to fuck him and enjoy that experience for the first time. I graciously declined because Justine didn't have an ass like Adam Killian! He was all over that I could think of. My life was never the same. I found myself over the years loving you, wanting to know you,and looking up movies you are involved with. I feel as though I have come to know you over the years and even though you are doing more work behind the camera now, you are sexier than ever before and I never thought that could be possible. I love your work! I have an idea for a movie that I want you to direct, produce,and star in. THE SUCCUBUS OF KILLIAN GYM. This mystical creature who seems to be across between a vampire,a sexy athletic god of a man, and a sexual predator all in one. This supernatural being has a lair under Killian's gym. He comes up through one of the large lockers in the men's locker room. He stairs at the sexy guys as they come in and out of the locker room. He watches them from the inside of the locker peering through the door. He always waits for s guy to be all alone in the locker room. Just when the guy us fully distracted, the succubus appears from behind and starts groping and massaging the guys crotch. The guy who is off guard and totally surprised feels the fondling that's taking place, but doesn't know where it's coming from. They begin to get weak and deliriously horny. Then the succubus covers the guys mouth to keep him from screaming. Like a vampire, the creature sucks and nibbles the guy's neck until the guy is unconscious in the arms of the beast. They are transported to the large locker where they are trapped inside and lots of foreplay and heavy petting takes place. Afterwards, they are transported again to a large dungeon located beneath the gym . The captives are chained in cells and fucked whenever the creature wants to fuck them. Each time they are fucked, the guys become more and more permenantly drained of their own strength. The creature of course, becomes more and more powerful. One morning, Mr. Killian, the sexy owner of the work out facility comes early morning to get a workout in before opening time. He gets in a fabulous workout and goes to the locker-room to shower and change. The creature is watching Mr.Killian as he bathes that sexy body. Suddenly,just as he is getting ready to soap his genitals, the creature is behind him in the shower and he is fondling the gym proprietor's genitalia. Killian is wondering what the hell is going on?! Nevertheless, the fondling is feeling incredible and the athletic hunk of man is getting weak and helpless. The creature covers Killian's mouth and sucks his neck in the shower until a hickey forms. Killian faints into the arms of the succubus and they are transported to in inside of the locker. The creature has his way with Killian who is totally under his power. Later he is chained in the dungeon waiting to be fucked. A few minutes later, Killians business partner shows up for work along with 3 employees.Things are strange as they see the signs that Killian has been there, but there are no signs of him . This baffles everyone. They proceed with their day as much as they can and little by little some of the patrons and employees are coming up missing. The creature is having a full day of prey as he tactfully captures the men one by one and having fun doing it! Once they have been collected and are chained in the dungeon, it's then they encounter each other and are mystified as to how they got there. They all notice one thing in common, the hickeys on their necks! What does it mean? Periodically throughout the day, the creature comes back and sexually attacks a victim. The,victims are crying for help as they are being raped and during orgasms, the victims are disappearing! This is very frightening and suspenseful to the captives as they're accumulated, seeing one another, and fearfully wondering whether or not they are going to be the next rape victim by the mystical succubus!
-- United States
-- Cliff Miller
March 29th 2017
Thank you, Mr. Adam Killian for allowing me to communicate with you. I hope that you can do something with the idea I sent to you! Best wishes to you my Beloved!
-- United States
-- Kent Remington
March 29th 2017
Adam Killian, since you are the successful star that you are,I am sure that many things don't surprise you and meeting so many fans, there are many things that you can't remember due to so much that probably occurs in just one day with you. I have been in love with you for many years and I have an obsession over you and your beauty. Please don't laugh at me when I tell you I am really fond of your fantastic ass and your beautiful butt hole! I may sound weird, but I am being truthful; on every single one of my technological devices I have many various poses of your ass as screen savers! They are quite the conversation pieces as people see them and start asking me an array of questions!What's more is you would probably be amazed at the number of straight heterosexual guys who are friends will look lustfully and make such comments like, "I'd love to see the babe who's connected to THAT ass! I KNOW that she's got to be as fine as hell!" Or sometimes, I hear, "Don't tell me, I already know this is connected to a dime piece!" I guess I will one day show them a picture of Adam Killian and let them know that this is the person whose ass you've been drooling over! That is sort of funny, but please don't laugh at me!!!!
-- United States
-- Davin Webber
March 29th 2017
If Adam Killian was standing in front of me in the buff, I would be at a loss for words! My mind goes back to my childhood memories of stuttering. One thing for sure, my definite erection would have to do the talking for me! I think that you are the GREATEST!! I read the idea that someone else sent you about the mythical sex beast living under the work out gym,kidnapping guys and literally fucking them to death. I have to say that I think the idea is a hit and it's wise for you, Adam Killian, to be behind him it if it is to be done with any class and justice. I can't wait to see it! No one knows the business better than you so please don't be offended by my 2 cents worth of suggestions. To cast for this project, you will need hungry bottom guys who are really great looking, since the monster gets to do all of the fucking. Here are some suggestions for the other victims of the monster besides yourself, Christian Herzog, Brandon Jones, Micah Brandt,Aarin Asker,Chase Young,Jackson Lawless, and Johnny V. All these guys have the perfect asses to be fucked should you make a movie from that idea! Wish I could volunteer to be the monster, he is going to have a blast like never before!
-- United States
-- Boomer Hudson
March 30th 2017
My man, brother Adam Killian. What's happening?! I always have felt like you were a cool dude to hang with. Although I don't think I ever remember engaging in any interracial hookups, I still have sensed this connection with you that you are open minded and color blind when it comes to relationships. I have seen some tutorials that featured you giving inside info and instructions for different sexual activities and things and I have always thought that you were quite thorough and were very knowledgeable in the male anatomy. The bottom line is, if you are going to learn, then learn from the best. The way I see it, the best is Adam Killian. My request is for you to conduct an instructional video on the gay massage and various massaging techniques. No offense intended here, but someone else in the business who really turns me on is Scott Alexander. Scott is someone who is heavily appreciative of sensory touch, kissing, fondling and ass play all together. I have seen him in quite a few message videos where he usually gets fucked and always has a happy ending. I think that this would make him a prime candidate for your message tutorials. Besides, you and he are both flexible and reversible eager bottoms and I think it would be so hot to see you guys fuck each other and massage each other as well. This would also satisfy that desire I have always had to see you interact sexually with a sensuous, sexy, gorgeous Black guy. Scott is certainly all of that! I can so very well see you dominating him and and hitting all if his super sensitive anal erogenous zones, and him gladly returning the favor to you. I would be so honored if you would grant this request for me. To be very honest with you, I have always had this strong desire to see you and Scott Alexander together sexually. There would definitely be plenty of fireworks between the two of you sex gods! Thank you for your time and your ear! Best wishes.
-- United States
-- Boomer Hudson
March 31st 2017
Excuse me, please,Mr. Killian. I really feel like an idiot. I read the letter I posted to you afterwards and I noticed that I spelled MESSAGE for MASSAGE several times throughout the letter. For that alone, you have every right to give me funny thoughts and looks. Who am I to even think I have the right to send you suggestions when I misspelled words that are key to the idea that I am trying to parlay. Will you please forgive me? I know that your time is valuable and I don't want to waste yours. Much respect to you, sir.
-- United States
-- Ned Bakersby
April 1st 2017
To "THE MOST BEAUTIFULEST' SEXIEST" Man to grace planet Earth, Adam Sculpted Ass Killian. In my opinion your face and beautiful body should grace any and every magazine on the newsstand having to do with beauty, fitness,health,sex,art, science, and engineering! I was hanging with a couple of straight friends and we all went to watch the drag queen show at the local alternative high energy dance club. There was a life size cardboard cut out of you in the souvenir shop at the club's concierge lounge for the VIP's. My friend Race, who is alpha male chick magnet was captured by the lithographic essence of your own carbon copy. Race couldn't help himself as he realized that he was staring and still not looking away from it. He asked who the hell was the guy in the cutout? I along with the two clerks and every other gay man in the gift shop answered his question at the same time. It was obvious and funny at the same time as it was apparent that Adam Killian was the common knowledge of every gay person who was present! "Damn!"replied Race," Everyone, but me knew!" Everyone started to laugh in goof sport. Later on, Race said to me very candidly, "You know, that Adam guy on the life size cutout? Dude's got it all! I really think that somebody like him can honestly make me consider being gay, hell I am libeled to kick my girl out of bed and invite him in if he was standing right outside my apartment with no where to go!" I was very shocked by Race's statement. Once he sobered up, he swore me to secrecy. Just wanted to share that with you.
-- United States
-- Doss Tinsley-Beardon
April 4th 2017
Adam Killian would make a great professor in sexual performance classes in college. I have seen videos where Adam has been breaking things down a step at a time to teach various sexual procedures to inexperienced novices. Seems like a natural at doing this! A friend and I were just talking about the same thing about a week ago. He said to me that he felt like Adam Killian could make a very successful instructional video on the sensuous gay massage. I agreed with him wholeheartedly. I feel that this is needed especially during these times where some people are using the gay massage as a form of safe sex. There is certainly a captive audience for the subject matter. In our discussion, we came to another agreement that the captivatingly handsome and well built Scott Alexander should be cast as Adams massage subject. Scott can be seen in a few massage videos now and he is a perfect specimen who is extremely sensitive to the touch. It's such a satisfying pleasure to witness how this guy's body responds to every little touch and stroke he receives, not to mention his obvious throbbing erections. Whenever the therapist starts to massage around this man's incredible ass, he gets really hot and out of breath,it's such a turn on and we both agree that this will be a great turn on for Adam Killian, who we then hope will fuck the hell out of Scott Alexander and enjoy doing it! Afterwards, Scott will be only too happy to return the favor to Adam Killian!
-- United States
-- Ben Travers
April 6th 2017
As much love/lust as I have for Adam Killian, and as addicted as I am to watching this strikingly handsome man in front of the camera,I can really respect him for evolving to the point where he is behind the camera. I take my hat off to him for that even though I feel like I am going through Killian Withdrawal Disease as I am not seeing as much of him as I would love to! Let me back away from my own selfish desires for this sexy hunk so that I may speak more as a genuinely concerned friend. Even though Adam Killian is more involved in the production aspect of film now, I am seeing a level of class, authenticity, and quality that I am beginning to recognize as the Adam Killian brand. Great job, my friend! Even though the films may be classified as gay porn, there is a certain quality and class level you seem to maintain with no problem at all. I don't know if Adam Killian wants to do any main stream films at all, but if he wants to, he certainly has my respect and support. I personally feel that he would be extremely successful at it. What I have is an idea for Adam Killian to take and if the interest and the desire is there,I would love to see his talents develop this into a full length film. There are always movies about female exotic dancers and the lives that lead them to the profession and the lives they lead during it, and they seem to make for effective human interest stories. What I would like to see Adam Killian develop is a film about gay male exotic dancers and their complicated lives and how some of them get trapped into crime, drugs, HIV, illegitimate porn, sex trafficking, and prostitution,while others go through the system with good fortune and end up leading successful lives. There has not been any major feature films on this controversial subject matter, but yet in still, there are stories which need to be told. I have much faith and confidence that Adam Killian could handle this and do it justice! Please take my idea under consideration. Thank you sir. Please don't forget that I still love seeing him satisfying sexual fantasies in front of the camera! Please don't stop doing that!
-- United States
-- Ridley Malloy
April 9th 2017
Adam Killian has what I would like to call the Midas Touch. Every bit of porn he touches comes out classy,varnished, and golden-even the nasty, kinky stuff! I think it's because Adam Killian is a very classy type of guy even though he's smoking hot and the second you see him, you want to order him out of his clothes! Hell, if it was left up to me, I would never let him wear ANYTHING at all, even when it was cold, then that way, I would be forced to keep him warm with my body heat underneath a comforter and a blanket! YEAH BABY!! Since Adam is responsible for a lot of directing and production type credits these days, I would love to see him put his spin on a collection of extremely kinky and borderline hardcore porn. I would like to see him involved with dungeons, sex slaves, rapes,kidnapping, edging, chloroform,foot worship, fisting, forcing guys to cum, hostages, and extreme ass play. I would like to see him co-star the colossal Diesel Washington as his partner in crime teaming up with him , going out together capturing victims. Diesel I think is an excellent choice to team up with Adam. Together, you have the sexiness, the intimidation, the respect, the gratifying sex,and the assured safety of being in the powerful, capable hands of responsible sex partners who will make you feel safe! I think that Adam Diesel formula would make these kink flicks gleam with class. Should Adam take on this challenge of project, I should hope that among some of his first choices of victims to co-star in these would include Jackson Lawless, Micah Brandt,and Scott Alexander,and Brandon Jones for starters. This is something I would absolutely crave!
-- United States
-- River Huckaby
April 11th 2017
I really don't believe that I am actually posting something that may very well be read by the major heartthrob of all times, ADAM KILLIAN! I have been so enamored with him for years. Before I left home for college, I use to pretend that I sneaked him in my room and we would sit on my bed and kiss! We never got to have sex because I was afraid either of my parents would knock on my door or even come in the room! Because of that, I just pretended that Adam would let me peek at his cock and his butt! He even let me kiss it a few times! OMG, I was such a silly little gay teenager with a major childish crush with parameters! Is that a first or what? I still have it pretty bad for Adam Killian, just a bit more mature now and a tad bit more experience! I wanted to share an idea of a movie flick with Mr.Killian. I have always enjoyed adventurous pirate movies growing up,so I came up with a modern day pirate movie called Invasion of the Booty Snatchers. In this flick you would need a few dominant, virile tops to be cast as pirates,even though it is modern day, they get off on dressing up like pirates of yesteryear! These pirates steal 2 types of booty, expensive extravagant jewelry,and gay men who are big pig bottoms who love to get fucked! These pirates have a yacht docked at a marina and as thieves of the night, These handsome pirate studs get dressed and go out into the night, breaking in wealthy homes, stealing nice jewelry, and kidnapping gay men who have really nice, hungry asses! The pirates use a tool that resembles a sexton as sailors once used back in the day,but this sexton operates more like a gaydar detector. The way it works is when the crew, who always works as a group,gas pillaged a home, the pirate spots out desirable, attractive men who the pirates wouldn't mind screwing. They forcibly grab the guy and bend him over. Next, they get the sexton and insert it like a thermometer and if it sounds off, that tells the pirates that they have a ripe, hungry ass bottom that cries for cock! The pirates chloroform the victims and carry them off to the yacht where all the loot is kept, the jewelry and money, and the bound imprisoned men who are waiting to be ravished by the gorgeous hunks. As word gets out, a couple of lonley men are extremely horny and bait their homes with cash and jewels hoping to be manhandled and whisked off for an intensive fucking,but once the pirates have the cash and jewelry, they apply the sexton to the desparate gay guy who baited the house and the sexton doesn't go off and the desperate lonely man is left behind! At the end of a night of break-ins' and kidnappings, the pirates lift anchor and set sail. During their sailing,they are mercilessly having their way with all the insatiable bottom captives who are now sex slaves forced to submit to the pirates' every sexual desire!
-- United States
-- Roger Falon-Brunswick
April 12th 2017
All respect and accolades to Mr Adam Killian for all the great quality and tastefully classy work he has in circulation. Thanks for your service! I agree with the person ahead of me who commented on Mr. Killian's patience and instructional skill and know how. I have seen Mr.Killian in that very element myself and he is such a natural at teaching and molding others. He really has a way of building the confidence in those new comers who aren't so sure of themselves. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I see a porn star who is very sexy, uniquely endowed and shows a wealth of promise given the right guidance from a classy tasteful professional. That mentor would be Adam Killian, of course and the subject to be guided is Damian Brooks. There is nothing wrong with Damian or his performances on camera, I love this guy! It's just that I see him so very uniquely qualified with extremely bountiful ass of his, that I want to see him more visibly marketed. I feel that he has a wealth of potential and I would love for him to be the absolute best Damian Brooks he can be for this industry! I feel that if Adam takes this hunk under his wing, pound the hell out of Damian's signature posterior, he can be molded to a more elevated tier of stardom. Damian should be paired up with Adam Killian on two or three projects or so and this promising BOOTILICIOUS hunk will be well on the way. He positively needs to with Adam Killian, or it will never happen. Damian will be in great and capable hands with Adam, not to mention all the fabulous tongue and cock that will be going up his ass while he learns the ropes.
-- United States
-- Xavier Hedgecock
April 14th 2017
Greetings to Adam Killian, a respectful veteran in the business who always has things under control. Never fear when Killian is near! Love both the sound and the truth about it. However, it would be a tremendous change in pace to see Adam Killian relinquish the reigns of control if only for a moment. I am going to do something that I probably don't have the right to do. I am requesting that Adam Killian departs from his comfort zone temporarily. I think that it would be a huge turn on if Adam Killian engages in a erotically thrilling scene where he is captured, subdued,bound and gang raped by tough sex fiends. A refreshing stimulating delight to see this fine ass specimen of gorgeous hunk being overpowered by a hulking sexual predator who seizes him, bounds him in restraints and ropes and carries him off to be totally devoured and ravished by starved horny dastardly delinquents. I want to see Adam tied up and stripped down to a very flimsy loincloth type of brief,or something that is tattered and a bit too small with Adam's ample,supple, and muscular tush on the verge of bursting through the very tense piece of underwear. I want those starved sexual predators to finger fuck Adam right through the garment and force him to cry out. Then I want them to just rip the garment right off of Adam's beautiful and desirable ass. Then one of the thugs needs to start eating Adam's ass until he can't take it anymore and he's saturated and ready to get banged to the extreme ! I want Adam to get fucked and sucked at the same time, I want him to get flogged and edged in the midst of getting gang raped. The reasons why this sort of project would be such an appreciated rarity is number one, for a change Adam's fate as well as his sexual satisfaction would totally be in the hands of someone else. That's really hot as hell. Number two, Adam is so damn fine and has one of those asses that no one can resist wanting to just grab, squeeze, and just straight up abuse it! Face it, his ass turns just as many men's heads as it does women's heads! Number three, no one ever actually expects such a flick to be released by Killian because he is so well respected and powerful voice in the industry. If this ever happens, I will never ask for anything on my birthday for 5 years! The other production request I have us for Adam Killian to get paired with that Arab beauty, Abraham al Malek,and for Adam to just fuck the hell out of that beautiful man! Truth is, both of these projects are just sizzling and guaranteed to ignite fireworks everywhere! EXPLOSIVE PASSIONS ERUPTING ALL OVER!!!!!
-- United States
-- Blaine Murphy
April 15th 2017
I just saw a hot clip with Adam Killian and I think the other man may have been Zeb Atlas. The clip was titled Best Men Wedding Party, I think. The only thing that I am positive on is Adam Killian had my ass turned on during his performance! It started out with Zeb in the shower and Adam comes in the bathroom with a camera filming Zeb as he bathed. Before long, Zeb was worked up, pulled Adam into the shower with him. I didn't see Adam remove any clothes,but somehow they disappeared and Zeb fucked Adam in the shower. Next they got outta the shower and got in a garden bathtub and fucked some more. The steaming hot scene really, really works for me. As much as I love seeing Adam fucking someone and being dominant, it turns me on so much more when Adam is getting fucked and being dominated. I guess it's because Adam has such a great body and an absolutely phenomenal ass, that it just looks like he is SUPPOSED to get fucked! It's all very proper! It would really be a turn on, Adam in a scene getting raped! I read the other guy's request and I guess that I agree because I gotta woody while I was reading his posting which prompted my own!
-- United States
-- E. MacIntyre
April 19th 2017
I have an idea for a gay sex movie that I am willing to share with only my cute manly crush, Adam Killian. My idea is an original and I am calling it "Police Standoff: Hungry Bottom Hostages." This story takes place in a very unusual high end sex shop. This place is very unique in that guys come there regularly to make seminal deposits which are preserved and frozen. There is also a department where you can buy sex toys and paraphernalia ranging from the very simple to the very complex and high tech. Also included is a department where you can custom build life size sex dolls patterned after your likeness down to the smallest of details.This place is even equipped with a credit department where new accounts are opened up everyday. On this particular day, midmorning, the sex shop is a web of activity full of hustle and bustle. Patrons and employees are interacting with normal business activity back and forth. Suddenly, 4 gorgeous and intimidating hunks enter the shop wearing pantyhose over their heads, they quickly scatter about the shop to do specific duties they have obviously planned and organized earlier. The shop was being robbed and it was a thoroughly strategic plan as all the sexy and physically fit thugs were armed. The patrons and employees alike were startled and on the edge of major panic! The operations manager is grabbed by the crotch and forced to open the vault. Very nervously, he was doing as he was told while the thug held him at gunpoint and was aggressively feeling the manager's ass while he struggles to remember the combination to the vault. While this was going on, one of the employees activates the silent alarm and the police are summoned. Soon , the sex shop is surrounded by the authorities. All of the patrons and employees have become hostages. They have all been bound and gagged with their ripe and ready supple asses are positioned upward waiting to be used and abused as bargaining chips to be ravished by the hunkish,sexy thugs. When casting a project like this, all the stars chosen to be the thieves need to be sexually fit guys who are classified as Dom tops. The people who are hostages are needing to be cast as the stars who are known to be submissive,cock hungry bottoms. The finale will be the operations manager (hopefully Adam Killian), has been completely stripped naked inside of the vault and suspended from the ceilings in slings has been trapped and bound. He is viciously raped ravished butt fucked and totally humiliated and at the complete mercy of his captors who do everything sexually possible to this gorgeous sexy,operations manager and his fantastic muscular bubble ass!!! This could really turn out to be a good one, especially with Adam Killian cast as the operations manager who gets raped and ravished mercilessly at the end. Potentially wide appeal I would predict!!!!
-- United States
-- Russ A. Mitchell
April 20th 2017
I was just reading the idea that was most recently posted about the standoff and the hostages inside the sperm bank sex shop. Pretty good and definitely original. There are a couple of things that don't seem very clear to me, I know it's not my idea, but I really like it a lot and I want to address a couple of small things. Maybe I am not completely understanding everything that is going on, but for what it's worth, here is my take on it. These hot and sexy guys come in to rob the place. They are supposed to be great looking guys, but if they have pantyhose over their heads, how do we know if they're sexy unless they have such great bods that their faces don't matter? Adam Killian as the manager; EXCELLENT casting choice for sure! I like the way it sorta teases the Adam Killian fans a little by having one of the robbers boldly grabs Adam's crotch and makes him open the vault. I am seeing Adam vulnerable and nervously trying to open up the giant steel door while the robber has a gun in one hand and Adams beautiful butt in the other. All of that gets people anticipating Adam's sexual fate, the suspense factor is great, love it. What is up with all those tied up hostages who have their asses up in the air just waiting for the crooks to slide dick up in them? He never said what happened to them and how. I am going to assume that one by one, the police aren't satisfying the demands of the crooks so the hostages are being savagely fucked one at a time and the police are either hearing it or seeing it, finding out that these thugs mean business and won't think twice about sacrificing a hostage with a perfectly ripened ass- that is delicious! Going through them one by one builds the suspense as the fans are ready to see Adam Killian naked and getting fucked.Great climatic build up, then when it happens, Adam has been taken inside of the vault,stripped of his clothes, tied up and suspended from the ceiling, dick hard, asshole thirsty and pulsating waiting for the thieves to to God knows what!! Suggestion: When Adam is being taken in the vault, start off with the one thug. As the sexual activities progress, another thug will happen to be walking by and be unable to resist joining in! This can keep going until all 4 of the thieves have ended upon the vault with Adam, sucking his toes and feet,sucking his cock, eating and fucking his ass, and forcing him to suck dick as he occasionally calls out for help. I like it, let's see you guys develop this one very soon. Can't go wrong with back to back greedy bottoms getting banged only to climax with Adam Killian! FABULOUS!!!!
-- United States
-- Garnett Brown
April 24th 2017
OMG Adam Killian, I am so horny now I think I am feeling crazy. I wish I could see you. I have been reading the different postings on this sight I have read some really cool sexy stuff on this gay vampire thing and that is why I am so hot right now. I want to see Adam Killian as the vampire! Better yet, I want to see Adam be the vampires' object of desire and that way Adam can get hypnotic under a spell and the vampire can rape him, eat his ass and turn Adam Killian in to the sexiest vampire to ever walk the earth. Damn, that would be so cool!
-- United States
-- Reginald "Reggie" Blalock
April 25th 2017
I am hearing/reading buzz about a new fangled, emphasis on FANG, gay vampire that nibbles necks, but EATS ASSES and JACKS DICKS to convert his sexy victims! Well of course, this has my attention! I am bout it bout it! However, I don't think that it can be done any justice if my main man, hunk of the century, Adam Killian is not a part of it! In my opinion, he would need to produce, direct, and play an actors role in this! I damn near squirt up my pants just thinking about Adam Killian put in a trance and just putting all of that ass in the air to give to his vampire master! OMG! Adam can play the part that would be equivalent to Van Helsing's part as the authority on the subject of the vampires. I can see him being a mighty protector going toe to toe against the beast, and sudden twist of fate, Adam stumbles and falls and snags his pants on the sharpened object meant to be driven thru the heart of the beast. This rips out the seat of Adam's pants clean, exposing his supple, beautiful, pulsating ass! This raised the arousal of the beast making him stronger, and he hypnotizes Adam to bend over and give him the ass!! WOW! Man, this has to happen! Can't go wrong with it!!!
-- United States



Naked Kombat

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