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Lance Hart

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Name: Lance Hart
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthday: 0000-00-00
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5 feet and 8 inches - ( 172 cm )
Weight: 145 lbs - ( 65 kg )
Breast: 0
Measurements: 0-0-0
Fake Boobs:
Shoe Size:
Tattoos: no

Piercings: no
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Straight hunk Lance ...
Quality: 100%


Latest Comments:
-- Blake Milner Kauffmann
April 18th 2018
Hello guys! It's me again, doing what I do , checking out the sexiest men on the planet. I have run into another who doesn't have a picture on his profile page. Please, you know what to do to clear up who he is to the fans. I am sure Lance is a hot guy, but there are several guys in the industry with the same first name. A friend of mine told me that Lance Hart played Robin in some of the Batman fantasies. I still couldn't form a picture because Robin, as sexy as he is, wears a mask. Please clear up the mystery for us all! Thank you so much!
-- United States
-- Gene Black
April 18th 2018
WOW! Lance is a pretty hot looking small dude with loaded trunk in the back. You can just bite his cute ass cheeks! What would really be neat is for them to make a lot of porn that takes advantage of him being a small cutie pie! What about a couple of brawny dudes with big hands , they come up behind Lance and palm his ass together at the same time. Lance, who has been taken by surprise notices the 2 pair of masculine hands holding his ass, forcing him to have a seat in the groping palms . He is being lifted off the ground and one if the big guys says to him, " Hey, Shorty you're coming with us!" Lance is carried away and asking these men what the hell is going on. They eventually tie him and gaf him and give him the most intense power drilling of a lifetime. The little guy squirms , moans and groans to get the guys to let up but his moans only add fuel to the burning flames. It's not long before Little Lance finds himself enjoying getting banged by these hunks and suddenly he is pleading for more! The guys give it their all, but Lance still wants more. The big guys start to think that they have bitten off more than they can choose. Finally, the studs figure out that they have to put a bigger gag on the little guy and just fuck him relentlessly and drown his face in loads of thick semen to finally shut him up!
-- United States
-- Kody Whitesell-Tyler
April 21st 2018
I just want to tell Lance Hart that I respect him for marketing himself as a bisexuals porn star. I know that it can't be an easy thing to do in both of your lives, the business one as well as the personal life. I think that you may feel certain pressures that stress you to feel that you may need to be a certain way in the presence of one sex and vice versa. I encourage you to embrace all of you and just wait because you will eventually find someone who will love and respect you for you and allow you to be just who you are. I wish that I could say me, because I just love you and I enjoy watching your wor, no matter who the sex partner is. I do have to say that in some of your movies, you don't appear to be as comfortable around the females as you are around the males. If that is so, don't worry about it and be true to yourself. I am going to love you, the performer regardless. What I think would be good for you is to put yourself in a production where you can relax, be submissive, and just put a big, hulking, well endowed, athletic hunk in the drivers seat and have him to just completely fuck your brains out while you release! Nothing could ever be so liberating and empowering. At least that is what worked for me and I have never been the same since. Like you, I am still bisexual, but ain't afraid to bend over and give up my cakes to a stud who's completely ready to destroy my hole. Sometimes, that just what I need to relax and unwind and there's nothing wrong with it as long as I continue to live in my truth. Get in a production that will put you with Sam Swift, XL, and Texas Bull and just relax and let those power house studs take you to another dimension! Once it's done, you won't regret it, in fact, you are probably going to wonder why you hadn't done that a long time ago! Go ahead, let go and go for it, all at once. Thanks for your valuable time!
-- United States
-- Casey McMann
April 21st 2018
For some reason that is bigger than I am, I can relate and witness to much of the advice from Mr. Whitesell-Tyler. I understand and agree with much of it. I have gone through my own period of identity crisis myself,and the inner battles of knowing and accepting who I am. I have found it very therapeutic myself when I took advantage of letting myself go, not worry about judgement from others, and just let a strapping guy who I know and trust to just have complete liberty to come inside of me and have his way. Opening up this way has also helped me to understand why women are traditionally more emotional than their male counterparts. I think this is great advice for Lance as well.
-- United States




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