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Macho Bull

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Name: Macho Bull
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Measurements: --
Fake Boobs:
Shoe Size:

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Its a lucky day when...
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You know you want it...
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William Higgins

Latest Comments:
-- Blake Milner Kauffmann
April 9th 2018
It would be great if we could see who can the macho bull is and what he looks like. The only problem is that there is no profile pic on his page. Would you kindly take care of this? Thanks!
-- United States
-- Dwight Richards
April 11th 2018
Question: Are Macho Bull and Texas Bull the same dude? The one thing I know for sure is that this stud packs a mean, long, and fat sausage and he was blowing the bottom completely out of little Armand Rizzo, with his cute fine ass you could just palm with two gripping manly hands! I would be willing to betcha that Armand was walking crippled for a while after Texas Bull finished impaling and destroying his tight little ass! I would have had a little sympathy for little dude if that scene hadn't gotten me so eager to blow a load my damn self.
-- United States
-- Shelly aka Shelton
April 12th 2018
It's pretty confusing the way this thing's set up. I key in Texas Bull, Macho Bull comes up and vice versa. Is this all the same person? I watched a piece that was supposed to be Armand Rizzo gets his hole destroyed by Texas Bull, but the guy in the movie who actually fucked Armand's brains out was different from the guy shown in the two pictures at the bottom of the page. Meanwhile there is no profile picture displayed at the top of the page. Just who is this performer? After seeing the way the guy fucked the hell out of Armand Rizzo, I was hoping to see other flicks featuring him. As big as his dick is, there's got to be more footage in the archives. Help clear this up, please.
-- United States
-- Dover Menifee
April 15th 2018
Wanna see Texas Bull put every inch of that dick inside of Johnny V. Let's see if the reigning power bottom champ can withstand a deep and broadening power drilling session. Afterwards, I want to see Damian Brooks, Jackson Lawless, and Aarin Asker take on the same challenge. In a "NUTSHELL" all 4 would be fun to watch. Pretty hot.
-- United States
-- Nelson (Nelly) Hoyle
April 21st 2018
The Texas Bull is a mystery in so many ways. I like what this man can do with all the meat he's packing between those legs. What I wouldn't do to be schooled by this one. I would like to see Texas Bull lay pipe for every single Cum pig power bottom pretty boy in the gay porn business. I want him to start with Johnny V, and Jackson Lawless. Of course, that is only the beginning!
-- United States




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