Fathers And Sons 3, Scene 01

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5 April, 2017
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Kory Houston and his Dad head up to the mountains to bond. His dad was never around, but when he got caught having sex with an older man in the school washroom his mother freaked. Maybe having a father-son retreat to the mountains would set the boy right. Getting to the site, they run into his Dads old college professor, there with his son Armond Rizzo. After an evening of chatting in the cabin, the fathers and sons make plans to go out and collect biology specimens the next morning. Wanting to make it an early day they decide its best if they all sleep over. Armond and Kory Houston are in bed, ready to head to bed early when they get to chatting about their lives. Armond tells Kory about the time he was at a party and hooked up with his friends Dad, Tony Salerno. It was at a party, Armond and his buddys dad had an immediate attraction and later in the party make their way to a secluded corner of the house, making out. Getting on his knees, Tony unbuttons the younger mans pants and sta
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  • Dan
    from: Germany
    Den ordinären Lümmel möchte ich für Wochen mieten. Den sauge ich immer wieder leer und ficke jeden Tag dreimal den geilen Arsch.
    14 July, 2018 - 12:07 AM
  • Eckehard
    from: Germany
    Empfehlenswerter junger Mann mit kräftigem Glied und verlockendem Gesäß.
    11 February, 2018 - 12:02 AM
  • Gustaf
    from: Germany
    Ein prächtiger Fickarsch. In dem möchte ich mich homosexuell betätigen.
    22 May, 2017 - 12:05 AM