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Group sex can fun, exhilarating and a very huge turn-on. Especially if you re the one in the middle! Sage Daniels is the lucky bareback bottom, perched, gang-banged and royally fucked by Kasey Anthony, Dominik Ryder, Travis Turner, Greg York, Peter Axel and Andre Barclay. They all take turns banging Sage s tight fuckholes, spit-roasting him until they each unload in AND on the hungry, tattooed stud always eager to prove he s fast becoming a Bareback Legend!...
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Beefy muscle bear Spencer Reed s having his tea and supervising Scott Hunter do his work at the Toolbox. Instead of letting Scott finish his job, however, Spencer interrupts him and the eager bottom is soon servicing Spencer s huge slab of meat down to the balls. We re talking true cock worship here, too! After Spencer returns the favor, Scott is treated to a royal rimming. Then, with one deep plunge, Spencer stretches Scott s hole and fucks his hot ass until ita
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Stewart our laid back personal trainer is matched with our other fitness enthusiast Royal Marine Tyler and these two straight young studs are soon kissing and hands in each others boxers feeling each other up boxers down, cocks up and Stewart is soon gobbling down on Tylers very stiff uncut meat. Not wanting to fail at a challenge, Tyler soon shows he not only looks good with a cock in his mouth but he also has a pretty mean tongue action! A little foreplay later and Tyler is soon stuffing is erection up Stewarts hole seconds later Tyler is pumping good and hard before they switch and Stewart rides it good and Tyler pumps it hard. Lots of fucking and panting and Stewart is squirting his load on his leg and bed, Tyler pulls out and shoots his load on Stewart. Now there are two lads who know how to help each other!
Trojan s Handymen are at it again! Hot muscle cub Spanner, p
Trojan s Handymen are at it again! Hot muscle cub Spanner, played by Ben Brown, together with newcomer Roman Wright, are hired to move out the contents of an apartment. Instead of getting sweaty lifting and lugging, they get down and dirty making out and playing with their hairy bodies. Spanner devours Roman and gets sucked off as well but when Roman expresses interest in that incredibly beefy ass, Spanner gives it up for a royal rimming and an aggressive fuck that ends with them covered in sweat a
Ty Royal and Owen Michaels kick off this flip scene with a h
Ty Royal and Owen Michaels kick off this flip scene with a hardcore makeout session, kissing and touching as Ty climbs on top of Owen, straddling him as they kiss. They get more involved, running their hands along each others body as the clothes come off piece by piece and Ty works his way down to Owens big dick. He takes that cock in his mouth and works it, sucking on it as he uses his hand and mouth in tandem to drive Owen over the edge! But just in case his oral skills werent enough, Ty gives Owen a rimjob, burying his face in Owens ass as he licks his tight asshole. When hes gotten Owens hole wet and relaxed, he shoves his prick inside and fucks him, going fast, then slow so that Owen can feel every movement of Tys dick inside of him! He rides him doggy style before pulling out and letting Owen suck his hard prick, licking up and down the long shaft and sucking on the sensitive tip as Ty watches from above. Ty is in for a treat as Owen bends him over and licks his ass, rimming that
Sawyer Jaxon, Scene 01,_Scene_01/
I knew before I turned them loose on one another that Jaxon and Sawyer were gonna be a perfect match even as the odd couple. Two completely different types of all-American boys with one thing in common---a raging heaping helping of horniness running through their veins. These two go toe-to-toe, cock-to-cock, and thoroughly enjoying both fucking and being fucked royally by one another. And you wont ever be able to tell who is enjoying what more. Two true versatile fellows who dont let labels or roles get in their way of having as much fun as they can. Both guys enjoy sucking each others cocks as much as they can get them in their mouths and both guys enjoy the others cock in their asses as much as they enjoy putting their cocks in the other ones ass. Plain and simple. No whos the top! or whos the bottom! Its obvious neither of them care about any of that. All they are concerned about is lets fuck and have fun and sort it all out later after the loads land where they may. Hows that for g
Ty Royal and Tyson Pierce both just finished an intense work
Ty Royal and Tyson Pierce both just finished an intense workout, and theyre ready to relax and finish their day off with a good fuck. They cant keep their hands off of each other to begin with, and once theyre done with the small talk, they get right to it! These two boys make out, kissing and undressing piece by piece until theyre both naked and hornier than ever. Ty gets on his knees and starts rimming Tyson, burying his face in Tysons little ass before he sticks his dick in it instead! Ty tops Tyson and pounds him hard while Tyson plays with his own cock as he gets his ass stretched by Ty. Then they take a little break from the ass-pounding and 69, both getting their pricks sucked as Ty holds Tysons legs in the air, but they opt for a more comfortable position to 69 in and continue that hot sucking! But Ty wants that tight ass again, and he gets Tyson on top of him, letting him sit on his big cock and ride it hard, bouncing up and down so that he can get Tys prick deep inside of him
Carlo Cox plays a strict boss in this scene from Butch Dixon
Carlo Cox plays a strict boss in this scene from Butch Dixon. Meanwhile, Matteo Valentine is the eager salesman wholl do anything to clinch the deal, including eating his bosss hairy hole, sucking his swollen dick and offering up his own sweet bud for a right royal fucking. Sometimes doing business IS a pleasure!...
Cody Tim, Scene 01,_Scene_01/
Cody is brought to us by our guest director Mike, and he is muscular, up for anything, and has a great big smile. Hes done a couple scenes already for Mike, but this is the first scene were sharing with you -- and its a great one: He gets fucked royally by Tim! Mike says Cody has done a solo and some oral work, but this is his first time doing anything hard core in front of the camera. And, when youre paired up with Tim, you better be ready for a wild ride! Mike says it took a bit of coaxing to get Cody to cross that line to some fucking action, but hes here and ready to go. Mike lets the guys get to it, and, after a few nervous glances from Cody towards the camera, he starts to grope himself and get the party started. It isnt long before both of their dicks are out, and they are jerking one another. Thats big! Cody says, laughing, as he grips Tims dick and starts stroking him. The pants come off next, and in a flash, Cody has engulfed Tims cock. Hes going to town on him and Tim is lov
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