Carl Baxter Fucks Jan Cores in the sauna pool

from: @Boys Nation
11 April, 2013
60% ( 3 / 2 )

Carl is a regular at gay sauna in the city, there comes at least once a week. He is at the sauna bar when he see his future new conquest passed by. Jan orders a soda bar, passing Carl and his friends. Then he goes to the swimming pool sauna. Carl meets for the first time this new member, and he is very sexy. He follows immediately and will join him in the pool. Carl plays with his massive cock in the pool, while Jan go to shower before joining. Jan is also very well-endowed Carl noticed. When Jan s eyes land on Carl s cock, he immediately understands that it means anything other than play with the pool water. But Jan is very shy and Carl realizes. He approaches him while he closed his eyes and began to kiss him. Jan is in heaven. He lulled by the waves of the pool and the caresses of Carl. Jan dates back at his body of water, to bring up his dick. Carl does not wait, he immediately takes it in his mouth.http: public content shared Videos Steam2 thumbs trailer.mp4
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