Deep Throat That Bookworm

from: @Helix Studios
23 September, 2012
86% ( 13 / 2 )

Blake Elliott hopes to get his horny fix at the school library in between classes, but the iHomo-Erotic i section is lacking. Luckily Alexander is offering his private stash of erotica. Bringing the boner-fide brunette back to his place, Alexander plans to create a hot sex story of his own, and that he does. Slowly undressing his new friend, then grinding his hard ass on his lap, Alexander gets Blake is juicy cock wet and prime for sucking. Blake then mounts his little gymnast body on Alex is fat cock, then gets his hole pumped deep and fast. Little Blake squeals with pleasure, so Alexander fucks the ripped college boy harder. You ill want to see this college boy sex scene to its creamy, white conclusion. Starring: Alexander Van de Kamp, Blake Elliott
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