Foxys First Three-Way

from: @18 Eighteen
13 February, 2015
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Foxys grades havent been so hot this semester, so she visits the school administrators home to discuss her options. His sexy, older wife happens to be present, and both she and Foxy have the same idea in regard to doing extra credit. After all, a young, little thing like Foxy can learn a lot from an older woman. Like how to suck cock and ride it. She may have done poorly in a lot of her classes, but this is one lesson Foxy wont forget. After sharing cock-sucking duties with the administrators wife, Foxy laps up her pussy while the administrator tongues the teens pussy and asshole. Now Foxys slit is nice and slippery to take his dick. It just gets hotter and hotter from there. But dont take our word for it. See for yourself!
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