Jennifer Dark Gets Man Handled By 2 Huge Cocks

from: @2 Black Men 4 Her
24 April, 2013
75% ( 9 / 3 )

Poor Jennifer. Back home in the Czech Republic, she just isn t getting the kind of vaginal satisfaction she s been craving. And when she does get it, she gets the puny cocks that the old Iron Curtain was hiding. That s why Jennifer decided to come to the States: to look for those black, fat dicks. Yeah, dicks. Multiple. If Jennifer is going to fly across the world to satisfy an itch, she s going to do it the right way. She wants a man with high energy, a man who loves ass. She wants a man with a dick the size of her forearm. She wants men! Jennifer wants to be put up on a spit made of black dick meat and spun around until she s hot and dizzy and ready to be eaten! And, just so she can leave the States with a little something to remember her adventures by, she wants these black superheroes to go right ahead and drop every liquid once of spunk into her love hole!
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