Fuck me, Kay!

from: @40 Something Mag
12 June, 2013
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This scene opens with Tony stroking 44-year-old Kay DeLynn s pussy under her panties. No setup. None needed. Kay is obviously overcome with cumming, and it s only a matter of time before she sticks his dick in her mouth and then her pussy.br br Put your fingers in there, Kay says as Tony fingers her shaved pussy. Am I wet! And then, within 1:05 of her first-ever hardcore video, Kay is cumming on-camera. So much for first-time jitters. She even sucks her pussy juices off his fingers, a real experienced porn-star move...or just something mature women do because it s hot! br I want your dick inside me, Kay says. br What! No blow job first! br Don t worry. Kay sucks him off...but not until he has coated his cock with her pussy juices. br This is one red-hot scene by a woman who told us, Anyone who knows me would be shocked to see me here. We re assuming she means her two sons, too.br And that s what 40SomethingMag.com is all about.
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