Savannah Gets Treated Like A Fuck Toy

from: @40 Something Mag
5 February, 2015
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Weve often said that a woman like Savannah Steele, whos only 51 and weighs 123 pounds, is the kind you can really have your way with. Pick her up and fuck her. Treat her like your dirty little fuck doll in all sorts of porno positions. Well, in this scene, JMac does just that with Savannah. He picks her up, and she wraps her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck while he dicks her standing up. Then he flips her over and fucks her in the piledriver position. Savannah takes every inch of JMacs cock. Heck, she almost took every inch of JMacs cock when she was blowing him. And, in the end, JMac blows his load in Savannahs mouth. You know, a woman like Savannah...she comes to our studio to live out her fantasy...she deserves a porno-style fucking. And here, she gets one. She starts off the scene looking like a porn star, too. A 44-year-old porn star who happens to be a mother of two teenagers. Shes wearing a sexy bra and panties. Her big tits are on display. Shes a big-boobed b
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