When The Hubbys Away, Brandi Fox Plays

from: @40 Something Mag
5 February, 2015
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Forty-three-year-old Brandi is looking out the window. Shes wearing a button-down shirt that shows deep cleavage and some tan lines. When the coast is clear, she gets on the phone. My husband just left, she tells whoever is on the other end. Hurry up. Get over here! My pussy is so fuckin wet for you. They have about an hour. Oh, Im ready right now. I want that hard cock in my pussy, she says as she fingers her cunt and licks the juices off her fingers. JMac shows up, bends her over, slaps her ass. She has a tattoo on her right ass cheek. He immediately takes his cock out and sticks it in her pussy doggy style. Talk about getting right to it! After a few minutes of deep strokes, she sucks his cock, then she sits on it. He fucks her missionary. He jacks off over her face while she sucks his balls. Then he cums on her face.
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