Please Give Me That Cock In My Ass!

from: @40 Something Mag
13 February, 2015
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About nine minutes into this video, 43-year-old divorcee Vivian Piper says the magic words. Please give me that cock in my ass! Vivian tells Tony D. He grants her wish. Who wouldnt! After all, this is the woman who once told us, I love getting fucked. I love having sex. The more the merrier. The filthier the better, and I love anal sex. How much does Vivian love anal sex! Id take it over traditional vaginal sex any day of the week. By why choose, Vivian! In this scene, Tony fucks your mouth, then he fucks your pussy, then he fucks your ass, then he fucks your pussy again, then he fucks your ass, back and forth, back and forth until he cums on your face. Anal sex is what get me off easiest and hardest, she said. Im kind of a tough nut to crack when it comes to orgasms, but anal is a guarantee. Im passive. I love to be used. I love when a guy uses my ass. Tony D. does that here. Vivian gets to cum. And we get to watch.
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