Soccer Mom Fucks To Impress

from: @40 Something Mag
13 February, 2015
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In this scene, 45-year-old Samantha Ray is getting ready for a shoot, and 23-year-old Jeremy is showing her the ropes. Shes a little hesitant, but she quickly gets right into it. Im just trying to make you feel comfortable, he says. What if I help you feel comfortable! Samantha says, unbuckling his jeans. Thatll work. A wife and mother, Samantha Ray is the epitome of the term MILF with her long, blonde hair. Shes wearing tight, sexy jeans--not mom jeans--and when she sucks cock, she looks right into the camera. She spreads her asshole while shes riding Jeremys dick, and she has him cum in her mouth. I love it when my husband tells me Im sexy, she said. But one time I got whistled at when I was pregnant, and I was big-belly pregnant. It was from behind, but it was still cool. Samantha Ray dresses to impress. I tend to get a lot of attention, and thats fun. I love to wear skimpy clothes, and I feel I can pull that off, even though the other soccer moms dont like it when Im dressed in sma
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