Add Doing Anal On-Camera To Her Been-There, done-That List

from: @40 Something Mag
13 February, 2015
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This scene is not going to win any awards for creativity. Theres no talk. No setup. Just action. But it might win some awards for hotness and sleaziness because Mona Hawght, a 46-year-old wife and mother from Ohio, gets fucked very hard in her ass while fingering her wet cunt, and when the guy is done fucking her well-used asshole, he squirts his seed all over Monas face. I love it, Mona says. She loves a lot of things. Shes done a lot of things. I once met three men at a hotel and made a film of them fucking me while my husband was at work, Mona said. Of course, I showed it to him afterward. And... My husband and I met a newlywed couple while on vacation. She was 19. He was 21. We had a foursome with them. I ate the wifes pussy while her new hubby fucked me from behind. Later, I sucked his wifes pussy juices off his cock. And...I love women. My quote is, I love a little pussy on the side. Mona was sent to us by model Carey Riley. Carey got ass-fucked on-camera. And,
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