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from: @40 Something Mag
13 February, 2015
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In her first video fuck, 42-year-old mom Vivian Piper takes a cock so far down her throat, she gags on it. She gets it sticky-wet with her BJ juices and takes it all the way down her throat again. Its an impressive debut for this busty brunette from California, who says she loves when guys get filthy naughty with her. The filthier the better, she said. I love getting fucked. I love having sex. The more the merrier. Vivian is from California. Shes 57 tall and has DD-cup tits. Shes a swinger and a nudist. Im one of those women who is always walking around in a state of undress without thinking about it, she said. My neighbors love it. I started showing off my body a few years ago. I entered my 40s, lost weight, toned up and finally felt confident enough to have something to show off. Now I do it every chance I get! Shes doing it here...and more. Vivian enjoys rough sex, group sex and being objectified. In other words, she likes being treated like a slut. Im a total exhibitionist. When Im
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