What happens in the 50PlusMILFs.com studio doesn t stay in the 50

from: @50 Plus Milfs
12 June, 2013
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When Sally D Angelo was shooting this scene, her moans of pleasure filled the 50PlusMILFs.com building. Make that screams of pleasure. Sally, a 59-year-old wife, mom, grandmother and first-timer, was having her old cunt fucked hard in the.com studio, and she was letting everyone in the building know how much she was enjoying herself.br I cum a lot when I have sex, Sally said.br Other than the videographers and studio staff, most of the 50PlusMILFs.com staff couldn t see what was going on behind closed doors. They could only hear. In all honesty, working became impossible. Getting work done isn t easy when all you can hear is a woman moaning, Tell me you like that pussy! and You like fucking me, don t you!br So, Sally is 59. Rocky, her stud, is 24. She wants his tongue, she wants his cock and she doesn t care who knows it. She aggressively goes after her guy. Do you want to stick your tongue in that pussy! she says, then she rubs Rocky s crotch. What do you have for me down there! She p
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