Vals Back For Anal!

from: @50 Plus Milfs
28 January, 2015
60% ( 3 / 2 )

Back for the second time at, 53-year-old mother, grandmother, nudist and swinger Val Kambel gets ass-fucked on-camera for the first time. Val enjoys anal sex. She tells us so in the brief interview at the start of this scene. But Val would rather have sex than talk about it. Wouldnt everybody! And when Val gets to the action, she stuffs her face with 34-year-old Tonys cock then gets her pussy and ass banged in every conceivable positon. Val is a mother of two and grandmother of three. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia and lives in Tampa, Florida. Shes been a nurse and a construction worker. Yes, we said construction worker. Shes blond and she likes wearing short shorts when shes out in public because it gets me help at Home Depot. Anal, aisle six!
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