No talk, just DP action

from: @50 Plus Milfs
5 February, 2015
100% ( 2 / 0 )

Theres not much conversation at the start of this scene. In fact, theres no conversation. Lorenzia, a 56-year-old divorcee from Prague, Czech Republic, is sitting on a couch. Two guys are sitting on either side of her. They dont say anything. They just grab her tits and finger her hairy pussy, and the fun is on! Before this scene is over, Lorenzia will get ass-fucked and DPd. When the scene ends, her face will be glazed with cum. But thats the end of this scene. Youre going to enjoy the journey. The guys did. Lorenzia did. Lorenzia is a mother of two. Shes a nudist but not a swinger. She enjoys going for walks in parks and swimming, and she likes a man who will take charge. In this scene, the men take charge of her fuck holes. Lorenzia says she has sex twice a week. Does two cocks in one sitting count as two times!
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