Rachel Does It Anywhere. Including Here.

from: @50 Plus Milfs
5 February, 2015
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Rachel Steele, a 51-year-old MILF and porn star, tells us how she got her start in porn. It all started with a sexy picture by the pool that a friend submitted to an amateur voyeur website, she said. The picture won first prize, and nothings been the same since. I started shooting and never stopped. I started out by only doing solos, but as I 8200became more comfortable, I 8200realized that I wanted to have sex on-camera. I 8200really wanted that experience, and I fell in love with it. Now I fuck on-camera all the time. Like here. But she fucks elsewhere, too. One time I 8200gave a guy a hand job during dinner at a fancy restaurant. I dont know how we managed to not make a mess. She means how he managed to not make a mess. Well, he did, but Rachel cleaned up afterwards. Im very discreet. I must say, though, when he was cumming in my hand, it took all my restraint to not crawl under the table and swallow his load. After we were done with dinner, we went home and had the most amazing sex
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