Anal Chery

from: @50 Plus Milfs
5 February, 2015
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When we asked Chery if shed ever had sex with a much-younger man, she said, Yes. He was 24 and was a swinger, but he was too young and inexperienced. I would not do that again. Well, in this scene, Chery has sex with 25-year-old Rocky. After Rocky fucked Cherys 55-year-old ass and pussy for the photo set, we asked her if she would do that again. Yes, she said. Definitely. And so, here she is, getting her pussy and asshole fucked on-video by a 25-year-old. Well, he isnt a 24-year-old, is he! Im loving having sex on-camera, said Chery, who back home in Florida is a wife, mother and grandmother. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland, shes a swinger and she told us that having sex on-camera was one of her fantasies. I wasnt disappointed, Chery said. Thats why she came back for seconds. I think I changed my mind about younger men, she said.
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