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5 February, 2015
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Today, 55-year-old Desire Collins is going to fuck 22-year-old James. That sounded like fun to Desire, whos not a nudist or a swinger and had never fucked on-camera until her first time with And now shes fucked two guys on-camera. She enjoyed herself. There was something about the way they filled me up, Desire said. Maybe its because their cocks were so damn big, some of the biggest Ive ever had in my life, but I came like an earthquake a couple of times. Itd been a while since Id had orgasms like that. Im addicted now! It was just very good. You know, I hope I see those two guys again. They were just very sweet. Sweet! If she says so. Desire has always worked professional jobs like being a merchant marine staff officer, travel agent and saleswoman. I 8200was a workaholic for a long time. I 8200had to support my child until he was old enough to go out on his own. Now that Desire has an empty nest, shes catching up on all the fucking she missed in her younger years. Im
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