Bea s 70th birthday anal blast!

from: @60 Plus Milfs
12 June, 2013
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This special video opens with Bea Cummins getting what she No. We re not talking about two young, hard cocks in her ass. That comes We re talking about a birthday celebration befitting the hottest, most-beautiful 70-year-old ever, a woman who exudes class even when she s showing off her tits and ass...a lady who has been a part of our family since December 3, 2008, when she first stepped foot in our Bea turned 70, and she celebrated the occasion with us. We got her a cake. We sang Happy Birthday to her. We bought her lingerie. And a butt-plug. We read her letters from her And, then, we brought in two young, hard cocks to break her on-camera anal By the way, after she got home to Tennessee, Bea dropped us a note. It read, Looking forward to seeing y all again soon or any time for that matter. I have no plans on retiring any time in the near That s the best news we ve heard in 70 years.
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