Pale Rider

from: @Bootylicious Mag
27 May, 2013
90% ( 9 / 1 )

Felicia Clover is one of those rare finds. She is somewhat like a unicorn, actually. You see, just like that mystical creature, Felicia s assets are practically magical. This white girl is not only packing a whole lot of titty, but she is also packing a lot of ass, too. Ass AND titties on a WHITE GIRL!! Yeah, we were blown away, too. But wait, she gets even more magical because she is actually fucking for the first time ever on-camera in this video, too! It s almost too much magic to take in. She gives up her XXX cherry to Lucas, a hung stud who knows how to spank and worship that ass like it needs to be handled. Does she get the dicking of her life in this video! You know it. She gets turned on and then gets her ass coated and glazed in ballsauce. Welcome to the XXX club, Felicia!
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