Em: Adorable Teen

from: @I Love Thai Pussy
6 July, 2012
50% ( 1 / 1 )

Em is 19 years old with a pussy scented of fresh flowers. Em caught my eye the second I entered her gogo, gyrating her brown buns to a pop song. We went in the room and Em started kissing me, slipping her tongue in my mouth. I turned her around and peeled down her jean shorts, licking at her pussy and tiny asshole like a starving man. I laid her on the bed and ate Em is sweet pussy for 5 minutes. Abruptly Em popped up from the bed and went in the bathroom to throw up. Apparently before I arrived at bar she was slamming down drinks. When she came back from the bathroom we fucked for another 5 minutes, her pussy was soaking wet and I easily glided my cock in and out of her teen box...
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