Sex Ed

from: @Scoreland
17 November, 2012
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Fresh-faced, apple-cheeked and curvaceous Felicia Clover as a naughty coed! Absolutely! Voluptuous editor Maria G. came up with this schoolgirl idea for top-stretching, pear-assed Felicia. The British and the Japanese may have the lock on hot schoolgirls, but Ms. Clover is video and photo set moves the USA up a notch in the International Busty Schoolgirls Race. We asked Felicia if guys like her big tits or her shapely butt the most. I amthink they love my tits a little more than they love my ass, but a lot of guys have told me that because my breasts are so big, they make my butt look just a little bit smaller, Felicia said. Maria even gets to measure Felicia in this vid, one of the perks of being an editor. Like being in the clover! There is more of coed Felicia in the Voluptuous Dressing Room.
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