The Magnificent Mountains Of Roxi Red

from: @Scoreland
22 November, 2012
66% ( 2 / 1 )

Prepare to pitch your tent poles, gentlemen! It is time for SCORELAND to introduce the astoundingly stacked Roxi Red to this big, big, big busty world. Roxi didn it say if she has pet names for her wonderfully whopperful wonkas so allow us to name her girls. The right one could be named Shock and the left one Awe. A friend of Roxi is and now our good friend told her about SCORE and recommended she contact us. Roxi had never modeled before but she wanted to finally give it a go so let is be in an ecstatic state of mind that she did instead of staying America is best kept secret. For a first timer, she is fantastic and very natural in front of the camera. Roxi likes to go shopping bra shopping must be an adventure, dining, walking another adventure, especially if you could walk backwards in front of her as she walks and cleaning house. Yes, cleaning house. Imagine that. Roxi says she is sexually passive, loves oral, has sex twice a week, likes kissing and touching as foreplay and enjoys
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