Jazmine Jizzman

from: @Scoreland
22 November, 2012
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New Discovery Jazmine bounces her way into SCORELAND with her first video, and once she is done bouncing her sleek, slim and busty body at the top of the stairs, her next bounce is on top of a human pogo stick. Beautiful Jazmine is ready to get down on it after her jiggle and wiggle and walks over to Mr. Largo. She covers his face with the bra she is just removed, then covers his face with her big tits. He plays with her boobs and sucks her nipples, savoring the sweet taste. Jazmine kneels and sucks his sausage with cock-sucker lips. Squeezing her tits together, she holds them high and forms a boob valley for his cock to slide between. Jazmine sits on top and slides down the pole, her tight pussy opening wide to accommodate all of the inches. She rides it hard, bouncing wildly while her boobs bounce just as hard. Let is find out what else Jazmine has in store and what the out-cum is going to be of this debut scene!
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