Tits Tugs

from: @Scoreland
22 November, 2012
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Anjii Ross has just debuted at SCORELAND and looks poised for top-shelf popularity. A super-Amazonian winner of the sweatermeat lottery, she is sure to be a hit among magazine readers too. Anjii is 45 natural inches of mountainous mounds ensures that. I was always the bustiest girl in school, says Anjii, whose bustline developed early and kept on expanding and surpassing any other girl she is ever known. Blessed by the magic wand of the boob-gene fairy, Anjii says she feels lucky to have such naturally magnificent and bouncy bazooms. She has hooters that no millionaire is checkbook could ever buy. I love the attention I get because of my boobs and I dress to show them off, says Anjii, busty and proud of it. When Anjii was invited to model, she originally was going to do what so many have done the first time and fly solo, go pink and go digital. However, when she arrived, Anjii said I am the best titty fucker ever. And now you ill get to see that because the lure of the tug job beckoned
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