Ass Cream Dream

from: @Scoreland
22 November, 2012
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Goldie Ray is one of the most electric girls to parade her pulchritude through these portals of perky pointers. Passion and horny energies flow and gush out of Goldie like a river through a busted dam. Goldie is face just lights up with glee and lust in the SCORE studio. Wearing a belly shirt, short-shorts and platform heels and looking super-sexy, the blonde bomber sits on top of Al and brings her tits over to his face for a snack before the main event kicks off. You like those tits! asks Goldie, grinding on top of him. Is it going to take you a while to get used to! she kids. Yeah, I think you ire having a hard time with them. Is it going to be hard to take real tits like this! Or are you going to love every second of it. Love every second, replies Al, kissing Goldie is moving targets. I think they like you back, Goldie says. I can hardly wait for your cock to be in between them, she tells him breathlessly, wanting that cock ASAP. She turns around to grind his junk in a lap dance wit
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