Dolly is Bikini Delight

from: @Scoreland
22 November, 2012
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With the summer Olympics being held in London, SCORE has its own British candidate to offer and her name is Dolly Delight, a girl with a slim body made for string bikinis and who would be perfect for the Big-Boob Olympics. Dolly likes cheeky chappies with a good sense of humor, a take-charge personality and who can throw me around the bedroom. I im not into any kind of particular look, Dolly explains. I learned a long time ago that it is much better to judge a person by what is inside of them then what is outside. I ammean, people used to think I was a geek and used to ignore me just because of how I amlooked. I like a proper guy who makes me laugh and says, Alright, doll, can I buy you a drink! i A bit cheeky. That turns me on. I like it. Dolly is that rare sort of bird who is not only a model but a songbird as well. She travels to different countries and sings with a band at hotel clubs and lounges. I im a bit of a blonde girly, says Dolly. She is the adventurous type and likes spont
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