Meet Roxanne

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1 December, 2012
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Get to know a little about Roxanne Miller, the newest busty natural to hit SCORELAND. We found Roxanne searching the hills and mountains of this busty world for the right charmers and when we saw Roxanne, our studio moved into action. Roxanne accepted us and turned out to be very vivacious and outgoing. Roxanne is a single coed studying public relations and the arts. Who does not love a busty, jiggly student training for the future! We wish we could find more of them. Roxanne is expressive as a good PR person should be, and enjoys reading, dancing, writing poems and practicing yoga. I speak four languages, says Roxanne. I ive visited nine countries and I want to visit more. I studied drama for nine years and I worked as a radio DJ for two years. I ive been on television also. I like to drink beer and I im a fan of Slayer. I ive seen them in concert. I love going to rock shows. Roxanne talks about herself in her first video before showing off what Mother Nature has generously blessed he
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