Meet Annellise and Her Pointy Nipples

from: @Scoreland
17 May, 2014
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I was at one club and I was dancing, and Id had a few drinks, and some guy said to me, Oh, you have such nice boobs, so I said, Do you want to see them! I mustve gone over-the-top because the bouncer came over to me and said, Youll have to leave if you dont put those away. Meet Annellise Croft, an English MILF with big tits who came our way, literally, through a friend of Bea Cummins. Annellise is a divorcee and lives in the States. I dont know Bea personally, but I emailed her a few times. Shes a really nice lady. Someone I look up to and what shes accomplished. Annellise is ready to accomplish some things herself and shes ready for more! Check out her nipples. Those nipples can cut glass, as we say around SCORE!
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