Face-Off For The First Time And Make Boob History

from: @Scoreland 2
17 November, 2012
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I love this video from the DVD Ultimate Cherry. I bought the DVD when it was released because I had to have it. I get an employee discount on DVDs. Cherry Brady wrote Ultimate Cherry at home, and she was eager to bring it to life. In this scene, big boss lady Cherry wants to tighten up security at Voluptuous headquarters, and she is ready to crack the whip, or rather, the riding crop.Enter young and tender Angela White, just 19 and fresh off the jet from Sydney, Australia. This was her second visit to SCORE. Angela, as many of you already know, is a huge fan of SCORE and V-mag Girls and finally got to meet some great ones on her second trip to Miami. Angela may be young and tender but she is got raging hormones that call out for orgasms. This was eight years before Angela decided to go the way of the cock on camera, giving SCORE the honors.What is the toughest thing about modeling for you! Angela asks Cherry.Memorizing all those lines! Cherry replies. Rehearsing! I had to take a day of
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