From F-cup to H-cup

from: @Scoreland 2
17 May, 2014
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Does this wholesome, naturally big-titted, sweet-faced British brunette look like she spent her summers off the coast of Spain handcuffed, naked and dragged around by a dwarf in front of thousands of people! No, this is not a tall-tale. Michelle Bond, from Wirral, began modeling in 2002. A hotel employee in her hometown, she also spent three summers on the Euro-trash party island of Ibiza working as a nightclub showgirl. Manumission was the worlds biggest nightclub, and we did different shows, and my part every Monday night was to get dragged onstage, handcuffed and naked by a dwarf, Michelle recalled. In part of the show Id be wearing underwear, but in the part with the dwarf, I was naked, and I had a collar and chain around my neck. It was wild, but it was fun and the crowd always got a big kick out of it. That was my big thing. I had a really great three years working in Ibiza, and I met so many amazing people. Went to so many amazing parties. It was fantastic. When SCORE was lookin
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