The Goldie Rush

from: @Scoreland 2
3 June, 2014
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I can hardly wait to fuck that huge cock! Suck on my fucking tits! Fuck that fucking pussy, motherfuck...! Get your fucking dick in me, cmon! Harder, motherfucker! Saturday night at a wild west whorehouse! Not at all. These comments are just a small selection of the mellifluous meanderings and sensual sounds of the beautiful Goldie Ray as she and a dude named Al B. made sweet, sweet, sweet love. Al was just as startled as I was upon hearing this torrent of filth pouring out of Goldies perfectly shaped mouth as he pronged her pussy, but since he was the one on-camera poking her and not me, he had to play the cool stud. Goldie remains one of the wildest and raunchiest fucks in SCORE history, and what a dirty, filthy mouth. Shes adorable. I love Goldie. Goldie emailed and sent in some photos per the easy instructions. She was brand new and hadnt modeled anywhere we knew of. Little did we know what a female fireball Goldie was. Holy shit! She buzz-sawed through anothe
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