Momose 3

from: @Sex Japan TV
19 June, 2013
80% ( 4 / 1 )

So many of you have asked for Momose to be paired with a man who can explore her, inside and out. is here to fulfill your fantasies. As our pair begin, the male model focuses in on Momose s large breasts. He caresses and fondles them vigorously as she moans. Kissing her, he also reaches below her skirt to touch. Fingering her, she moistens quickly the boy puts her on all fours to discover all of her petite body. Stroking her clitoris, through her panties, he then pulls them aside to arouse her more deeply. Moving her to the sofa, again on all fours, the boy continues his sensual play, both with his fingers and mouth. Momose is wanting her partner to swell as well she engulfs all of his manhood and swallows. He is now ready to take her. Sliding in fully, he holds her hips for control. Having Momose on her back, he can enjoy both the physical and visual of his conquest. Positioning her in various ways, they are both getting close to orgasm. Again, in a missionary position,
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