The Pick-Up Girls

from: @XL Girls
17 November, 2012
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Two cock-slurping mouths. Two needy pussies. Two pairs of big boobs. And maybe even two tight assholes. The number-one male fantasy is a threesome with two women. Most every guy thinks about having one or more threesomes in his life and if he meets the right, receptive women, he gets to enjoy at least one. Selena Castro and Scarlett Rouge fill the bill and their fuck-and-suck play will pitch your tent. The two sexy hitters tell Renee Ross and company about the time they picked up a dude at a club and went back to his place for three-way action. Like breast friends, they share and share alike, taking turns smoking his pipe with their nasty little mouths, deep-valley cleavage and vise-grip cunts. There are many key moments here, too many to list. Scarlett on her back sucking cock while Selena rubs her tits on his shaft. Selena on her back getting dicked while Scarlett rubs Selena is clit. Selena sucking him off while Scarlett eats her pussy. And the music soundtrack to all of this is the
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