Im just recovering from the Australia Day long weekend as I

from: @Bentley Race
10 December, 2018
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Im just recovering from the Australia Day long weekend as I write this post about our newest mate Brad Hunter. The skinny 20 year old comes from the southern suburbs of Melbourne. He wrote me late last year about doing some modelling with us. Since he looked pretty cute I decided to get him around last week for a quick meet and shoot in the studio. Well Im glad I did because Brad is really cute, really fit, and really hung! When that big dick dropped out of his shorts when he was changing for the shoot it kinda surprised me. Such a big dick on this little guy. But first a little bit about Brad. Like a bunch of our mates, Brad has a girlfriend. But thats not going to stop him from playing with the boys too. His dick was already getting hard before he pulled it out of his jocks in this shoot. It surprised me again when I saw it grow and grow above me. I also learnt during the shoot that Brad likes his bum getting a lot of attention. And in his first video he actually gets off while I am fingering his hole. Hes a quiet cummer so Im glad the camera was pointed the right way as cum began to gush out across his belly. I think Brad is going to be one of my favourite models for this s
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