Straight Hairy Hunk Tom Gets His 1st Manhandling And Wow Cum

from: @English Lads
17 April, 2018
93% ( 14 / 1 )

Tom is back for some action and today he lies back on the bed, puts his hands behind his head and there they stay! This is one of those shoots where the straight lad arrives in the room and leaves with cum on his very hairy chest and his hands had nothing to do with it! He takes his own clothes off, getting to his boxers, lies back and gets a massage, his very hairy body getting a good relaxing massage and before he knows his legs are spread and his hairy hole is on show. He rolls over and his uncut cock is soon getting its first manhandling! His big uncut cock is soon more than erect, it pumping rock hard and throbbing in the hand of the masseuse! Tom is having a great time, he gets so excited that he cums, shots half way up his chest, then the next load, then the next load, then the next load, then the next load. Wow this straight hunk can cum, probably a world record challenge!
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