Young Toned Boxer Dominic Shows His 8 Inch Uncut Erection Cu

from: @English Lads
17 April, 2018
60% ( 6 / 4 )

Dominic is a young boxer who has a nicely toned and ripped body, he is tall and lean and all his muscles are long! He has a lovely uncut cock, about 6 inches when soft and grows and gets very hard pointing skywards towering over 8 inches of pumping rock hard cock! He shows off his body and you could call this shoot a festival of bum. Though once you see what happens when he cums, its surely is a festival of cum! Must be in the top ten biggest cum shots on the website, Dominic fires big two squirts and then the third squirt fires and splats on his chin, promptly followed by even more cum. Wow, well done Dominic we love finding these big cocked straight men who fire cum loads from their big cocks!
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