Straight Young Footballer Ryan Kent Fucks His Ass With A Dil

from: @English Lads
20 July, 2018
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Ryan Kent is a young lad with a hairy body and lean muscular physique - he plays a lot of football, and his athleticism shows - along with a wide smile and relaxed demeanour this lad was a pleasure to film. He strips off and shows off his uncut cock along with his tan and firm abs, playing with his cock a little until he is hard, and he grabs a dildo, applies a little lube on his hole and slowly teases his hole while he wanks, eventually pushing it deep into himself, and pumping himself while he wanks, flipping over to all fours to show off his hairy hole, then back on to his back to unload his balls over himself while the toy is still inside him!
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