Fuji Pumps Kenshin Fast And Hard

from: @Japan Boyz
83% ( 10 / 2 )

Kenshin is already hard when he drops his pants and lean Fuji gets on his knees to suck him. Once they hit the bed both are rock hard and raring to go. Stroking Kenshin gets Fuji so horny that his own cock is bobbing up and down in anticipation. They turn to 69 and Kenshin shows off a furry dark-haired ass crack as they dive in to get a meaty mouthful. Kenshins mouth wanders down to eat out Kenshins open hole, and Fuji returns the favor by licking up from his buddys butt to dick. NnKenshin lies back and moans in ecstasy as Fuji fingers him with a slick digit. He spreads his legs wide open and Fuji plows in smoothly, then turns and climbs on to feel the hot long dick pushing straight up inside his hungry ass. But Fuji wants to take control and rolls him over to pound his ass hard and fast. He straddles Kenshins chest and squirts a creamy wad just beneath his buddys chin. Kenshin strokes himself to climax while Fuji nibbles his nips, then the horny boys sit and clean up in the tub.
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