Fuji Initiates New Boy Jotaro

from: @Japan Boyz
27 December, 2018
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Its first time on camera for new boy Jotaro, and Fuji is in a giggly mood. Since Fuji has no steady boyfriend, the cameraman suggests that he consider Jotaro as his for the evening. Jotaro has a fine build and a bit of scruffy beard, so he brings a masculine appearance to the shoot. Fujis expertise must be very effective, since he has Jotaro hard in no time once he gets his mouth around the new boys dick. RnrnJotaro is not bad himself at sucking cock, though he doesnt try to deep throat Fuji to the hilt. Fuji keeps him excited with some nipple twiddling while hes swallowing down half of Fujis long prick. Jotaros ass crack is lined with downy hair, so Fuji gets a mouthful of fur as hes rimming. He positions Jotaro in front of him, slathers on a dollop of lube on his fingers and goes to work opening him up. Jotaro breathes slow and deeply as he feels his ass warming and opening to Fujis deft fingers. Jotaro seems to relax and cracks a winsome smile for the first time. RnrnFuji rolls on a condom and lubes his cock. He gives Jotaros hole another squirt of lube and eases his cock in. Jotaros hairy calves reach around Fujis hips as he slides fully in. Fuji bounces against Jot
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