Hideaki Jotaro

from: @Japan Boyz
27 December, 2018
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Jotaro is dressed in a sexy pair of shorts as he climbs on top of Hideaki to massage his tired aching shoulders. Hideaki returns the favor and works in a little nibble or two as he works his way down Jotaros spine, finally kissing his firm round cheeks. Jotaro turns over as Hideaki sucks his nipple and reaches for a handful of cock. Jotaro lies back and luxuriates in a sensuous blowjob from his horny buddy, then pushes aside the crotch of Hideakis sheer bodysuit to get a taste of dick. RnrnLean, scruffy Jotaro seems the alpha male in this duo until Hideaki pries open his legs and begins licking his ass, then lubes up a couple of fingers and works them in. Before you know it Hideaki is on top and sliding his prick into Jotaros willing hole. He feels the downy hair on Jotaros legs as they wrap around his shoulders. Jotaro climbs atop Hideaki and guides his buddys hard pole into his hungry butt. They reach around and hold onto each other as Hideaki plows deep in and fills Jotaro with slick hard meat. RnrnJotaro fondles Hideakis nuts and goes down on his cock, pulling away before a few strokes have Hideaki spraying a load all over his black bodysuit. He strips it off and the guys
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