Autumns youngest fuck ever!

from: @40 Something Mag
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I dont have a lot of experience with younger men. The youngest Ive been with was 35, said Autumn Energy, a 48-year-old mom whos originally from Chicago and now lives in Missouri. Well, as of today, the youngest man shes been with is 27 because thats the age of James, the guy shes sucking and fucking in this scene. Oh, did we say sucking! Saying Autumn sucks cock is the understatement of the year. Its like saying Picasso painted or Pavarotti sang. Autumn takes James hard cock into her mouth and swallows it down to the root, until his pubes are tickling her nose. Probably the inside of her nose. Thats how deep she goes. Autumn is a yoga teacher. She did some adult modeling in her younger days, and now she said, I am coming back. I just decided Im going to live my best life. Apparently, living her best life means getting fucked by hung porn studs while her big tits shake and eating cum. Autumn has a cerebral side. Im a book person, she said. I like learning. And

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