Thai Anal Video With Wild Model Pt1

from: @Asian Sex Diary
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Dear Diary Damn, what just happened here is crazy. So yes, that hotel catering model Thip came over that I showed you yesterday. I booked a hotel close to my apartment as I dont want to bring too many girls to my place. She arrived on time and it was all magic from the start. Once in my room, it was pure fireworks. This girl turned out to be a real nympho and this all escalated so quickly. She was super hot, super horny, and just loved to suck and fuck. It took us 1 hour of fucking and I even fucked her ass and filmed a great Thai anal video episode for you here. And damn, it took so long that I had to edit it immediately after she left. Im just giving you part 1 of that now as I dont have time enough to continue editing. Still horny and exhausted from filming this amazing anal porn episode! Just watch it to understand!

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