Chase Young

Chase Young 5k

3 /5
birthday 30 November
eye color Brown
hair color Brown
height 175㎝ (5′ 9″)
weight 64㎏ (140lbs)
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  • Glenn Oliver
    from: United States
    I think that Chase Young has o e of the most delicious looking greedy bottoms that I have ever seen! I love the way he freely surrenders it in his flicks. He just props it up in the air and lets his partner have his way with it. They just devoir and eat it up while he moans in sheer delight. By that time, his ass is usually wet enough and ready for the sticking! WOW! I better stop, because the more I talk about it, the more I want some,and I know I probably will never meet him in this life!!
    27 January, 2018 - 12:01 AM
  • Randy Todd Gates
    from: United States
    As I stated before, I am interested in how the vampire has evolved in recent years in the world of entertainment. I proposed the idea of a gay vampire who first seeks out his object of desire,charms, and enchants his victim. He nibbles the victim's neck to subdue and possess him, then he goes for the kill by ripping off the seat of the pants on the victim, and sinks his teeth into the asshole of his prey. If he wants to convert the victim into a vampire as well, he has to jack the dick of the victim while he eats the ass. If this is to become a screen reality for viewership,you can't have this vampire without having cast the boyishly cute Chase Young as one of the night prowler's,sexy victims of prey. Chase Young being dominated in a sexual exchange is always going to be very satisfying to watch to a wide variety of viewers. That will only enhance interest in such a flick. I see Chase now being an innocent kid whose up late possibly cramming for a test. While studying, he feels that he is being summoned. In a trance, he leaves the comfort of his terraced flat overlooking a fairway on a nearby golf course. He walks away in a trance and into the arms of the vampire who nibbles his neck to posses him. Chase faints directly into the vampire's big powerful arms. He takes Chase to the castle where his coffin houses him during the day. He has his way with Chase and passionately turns the boy into a gorgeous vampire!
    23 April, 2017 - 12:04 AM
  • Mitch Hopkins
    from: United States
    I want to see Chase Young in a flick where he is kidnapped by Zeb Atlas and mercilessly fucked, and later shares with a host of body building hunks who further devour the young chap by pulling a train on him. Chase can handle it, he may look all innocent and everything,but don't get it twisted, the kid has veteran experience! Trust and believe!!!
    22 April, 2017 - 12:04 AM
  • patrick Mumford
    from: United States
    I've read the ideas others posted for porn flicks to star Chase Young. I decided to take a stab at this since I tend to daydream and fantasize more than my share on a daily basis. It may just end up that I have a contribution! I have nothing to lose. Chase Young had been experiencing a tickle in his throat. His friends have been suggesting that he gets the doctor to check it out. Chase had mixed feelings about it,on one hand,he thought it might just pass, on the other hand, he really couldn't afford to get sick. One setback of dread. Even though Chase's general practitioner was blessed with chiseled sexy looks, Dr. Strangelove had a tendency to make Chase uncomfortable in a creepy way. Chase always felt dirty after a visit to Dr. Strangelove. No matter what the purpose for a doctors appointment, the doc would always get him to undress! You can go there to treatment an ear infection, within 10 minutes of your exam, you were bound to end up disrobed, turning your head to the left to cough while doc yanked on your dick and balls! As much as he didn't want to go, he knew it best that he should. Sure enough Chase found himself putting on one of those flimsy, backwards fitting hospital gowns after the doc's assistant did all the preliminary medical care stuff, waiting for Dr. Strangelove to come to the exam room. Somehow, Chase found himself reclined on an adjustable medical table with his legs spread wide open in stirrups. Restraints were holding him to the table and he wasn't able to move. It was weird, like Chase must've blacked out for a few minutes. Why all of this for a simple soar throat? Chase could tell by the draftiness that his underwear was missing! It was much to Chase's own feeling of humiliation when he saw Dr. Strangelove walking by with a pair of bright colored skivvies in hand. Chase recognized the undergarment and imagined that the doc would go to his private office and smell them!Chase was suddenly feeling very euphoric, he was loosing control and feeling like he might cum! Moaning and gasping for breath and feeling light headed, he felt a long warm tongue drilling deep inside his asshole while feeling a large hand massaging his dick. He couldn't see anything that was going on and this further intensified things. CHASE struggled to speak , but all he could say between gasps and moans was , "Oh my god!!" Momentarily, doc came around to where Chase could see him. He had a tongue suppressor in his hand. He told Chase to say, aaaahhh! Chase closed his mouth and said, "Aaaahhhh....." and abruptly started coughing and gagging! A big salty dick was in his mouth drilling away nearly choking him. He opened his eyes and doc was straddling his face forcing him to eat cock. After Dr. Strangelove shot a fresh warm batch of manly goo down Chase's throat and all over his face, he went down to the other end where he couldn't be seen . Suddenly Chase feels dick up his asshole drilling deeply. Chase is sucked and fucked till he shoots a humongous load of goo, and falls under as though injected with anesthesia.
    22 April, 2017 - 12:04 AM
  • Matt Roulston-Haynes
    from: United States
    Yaaay!For Chase Young, he is such a cutie! I have been crazy about him for a while; I could just eat him up with a spoon and go back for a second helping of his beautiful asshole. He is so irresistible that you can't help wanting to snatch him and violate his smoking hot body. I have a thought for a sex flick for him. Well, it's actually a fantasy I have played over a million times in my head where I get to be the fireman who gets to rescue Chase and have him for myself. I call it "Prey in Public Lounge" and this is about Chase becoming of age where he can legally enter a bar and have a drink. It's his birthday and he's out with friends who are celebrating his birthday and treating him to what he wants. They enter a bar that happens to have a couple of pool tables. They are ordering drinks amongst the regular patrons who frequent the place. Chase us a new fresh face and is getting plenty of attention from everyone in there. They have been made aware that today is Chase's birthday and he is out on the town legally for the first time. Many are granting birthday wishes and buying drinks for him. There are also a couple of pervs who are lustfully eyeballing the cutie pie as fresh meat. They can smell the young timid innocence Chase is trying so hard to suppress. The mood is festive and the attitudes are all about a good time. Working on his fourth mixed drink and his second beer, Chase has to go to the restroom. He goes over to a urinal and occupies it. Seconds later, one of the billiard players enters as well and still has a billiard stick in hand. He goes to a toilet stall and closes the door. He us peeking through the cracks in the stall door where it's hinged. He is staking out Chase who is lighly toasted at the urinal. While watching the youngster, the pool player takes a bottle of chloroform from his inner jacket pocket. He has swiped a linen napkin from one if the tables and is saturating a cloth. Once that is done, he puts,the soaked linen in a front convenient jacket pocket that he can quickly access. He takes his sweet time watching Chase at the urinal,he takes his dick out and begins stroking it as he is getting turned on by Chase who has no clue what's going on. Chase struggled just a tad bit at the urinal and slowly made his way to the sink to wash his hands and touch up his hair with the comb. While still washing his hands, the drunken man from the pool table comes out of the stall with his dick fully exposed. He stands right behind Chase and gets so close that his dick is pressing hard against the seat of Chase's pants. Nit saying anything, Chases face did the talking. He was slightly intimidated and uncomfortable but not willing to verbalize it. The stranger starts to hump against Chases shapely ass through the pants, the boy starts washing his hands a little faster. The stranger reaches around Chase's waist and puts both of his large masculine hands under the boy's shirt and starts fondling the chest and the nipples on Chase who is beginning to weaken and get turned on. The stranger has pulled him in so close that he is almost unable to breathe. The grinding on his ass and the nipple play are soothing to Chase who is caving in more and more. He rests his head against the stranger's chest and his eyes roll to the back of his head. "Oh my God! Oooh, that feels divine! No fair, stranger danger and you're making soo damned horny!" Chase gasped,"Oooo! My dick's getting hard and you're doing it to me!" "I most certainly am!"replied the stranger who has one hand in front of Chase's pants and the other inside the rear of the pants. "Oh no! You've discovered how to control me now. Listen sir you're having my balls and my dick and OOOO! You're fingers are in my hole! Please,you mustn't do that! I can't handle it and my friends are waiting for me! " Chase turns around to give the stranger a hug and a kiss. While they tongue kiss, the stranger takes the chloroformed linen from his pocket and covers Chase's nose and mouth. Instantly, Chase falls into the arms of the stranger who has grabbed the boy's ass with both hands and put him over his shoulder. He walks over to the floor length mirror which is on a secret wall panel that actually opens up! He goes behind the panel taking poor Chase with him! Camouflaged, trapped inside of the wall, the stranger rapes Chase and mercilessly ravishes him. Chase's friends notice that he has been in the restroom an awful long time and no one has seen him come out. One of them enters the restroom looking to see if Chase is okay. The restroom is empty, but there are very faint sounds of passion coming from a distant place. They ask around seeing if anyone has seen the birthday boy. They tried to remain positive and not worry. There had to be a reasonable explanation for what was going on. He should turn up and couldn't have gone far. Meanwhile, in the restroom's hidden wall the stranger had Chase and was banging away on the passed out kid who began to show signs of coming to. When Chase just did barely awaken,he was forced to give head to the stranger which may have proven to be a mistake! That sex act was getting a little loud because the kid kept coughing and choking on the stranger's dick. People were going in and out of the restroom hearing the noises of kinky sex acts, but were thrown off track as there was no evidence of anyone else in the restroom. Next, the stranger was sucking Chase's cock and the lad was crying out for help even though the oral sex felt amazing. He was afraid of the dark nook they were in. He didn't know where they were or how they got there. The stranger was starting to hear the voices coming from the restroom as people were commenting on the sex noises. He muffled the kid by covering his,mouth without loosing the rhythm he built up as he performed on the boy. Time passed and they were starting to get concerned about Chase. No one had seen him yet, and comments were also surfacing concerning the guy who took a pool stick with him. As time passed, the sex grew more primal and animalistic. The poor kid was crying rape out of fear but was actually enjoying the sensations that were taking over his horny body. People were hearing the noises more clearly than ever. They were reporting this to the bar staff and they all checked one by one, but were confused to every degree of complexity. One older man who had gotten pretty wasted started saying that the sound was in the wall and everyone thought this was ridiculous. After all, he was pretty drunk. Trying to prove his credibility, the time older man called 911 and explained what he was hearing. Fire fighters were dispatched and upon arrival, they cleared the bar of all patrons they checked the restroom and started to follow the noise and the firefighter distinctly heard the breathy voice of a young man who was having kinky sexual acts performed on him. "Oh! Please,help! Rape! Oh get me out he's taking me! Oh my God!!" The fireman figured out where the sound was coming from, behind one of the mirrors. The rescuer started tapping the walls to listen for a hollowed out area . The tapping panicked the sexual predator. He grabbed the chloroformed napkin and put the kid under again. The stranger scrambled to put on some clothes. He didn't dress the kid, he simply threw him over his arm and went back deeper in the wall trying to recall how to get out back. Chase, unclothed and unconscious actually slowed the stranger down considerably. The stranger lost his bearings amidst the panic. He had to put the kid down and find the exit. By this time, the fireman found his way into the wall. He came across Chase's clothes and a few articles worn by the predator. Then he came across the bottle of chloroform. He finally found Chase's nude unconscious body and was looking thoroughly at the attractive young lad. The fireman was aroused, but determined to remain professional and do what was morally right. He picked up Chase and was really turned on by the boy's nude body. He carried him and Chase started to wake. He saw the handsome fireman and was glad that he was safely in the arms of a hero. The fireman started to help the boy into his clothes. Chase,who was much more interested in the fireman than getting dressed boldly kissed the fireman passionately on the lips. The fireman kissed back gladly. "You saved my life!" Chase said."Please don't leave me. I am still afraid." "Can you tell me what happened?" The fireman asked. " I 'm not really clear, I only remember segments." "That's Ok! You will not have to worry about anything. I will take care of you from here on out!" Declared the fireman,and they shared a long passionate kiss.
    22 April, 2017 - 12:04 AM
  • Schelton Tinsley -Chandler
    from: United States
    Chase Young wants the dick,he craves it; his big bubble ass had a built in insatiable hunger for colossal,girthy dong and if that's what he wants, then that is what he should have. I know it for a fact because I have seen quite a few clicks of Chase. I was impressed by how much dick he takes in without having to squirm as young as he is. Hell when he bends over in a jock, I am already rock hard and want some of that for myself. Can't wait to see how much more that bubble is going to fill out in a few years of being in this business, it excites me and makes me want to penetrate him and hold it in for keeps! Juicy,tasty,and succulent booty such as Chase Young's has to be broken in properly and drilled by a few dong endowed vets! For this reason alone, I suggest doing a sex flick with Chase called The Initiation. It starts off with Chase walking down a nature trail on a scavenger hunt. The hunt is directing him down a winding trail that leads to a clearing surrounded by tall trees,and very little brush and huge stone which he is to stand on top of to get the next clue which is taped to an oak branch. When he gets there, he is surprised by someone who comes behind him, covers the lad's mouth to keep him from screaming and immediately puts their hand down the front of Chases pants. Chase is being fondled and gasps as his,dick and balls are being manipulated by a large masculine hand of whom he has ni idea who it's attached to! The fondling gets to Chase and he is getting aroused. Giving into the feeling, he lets his head fall back to the massive shoulder of the guy who us manhandling him. Still covering the lad's mouth the predator gently nibbles on the neck of the youngster who is still even more horny by now. Suddenly others come out from around trees and bushes. A blindfold is put on Chase who feels all of his clothes being torn off his body. Soon enough, he is stripped down and feelings many hands touching and groping all of the most sensitive and private areas of his body. He also feels strange lips and tongues nibbling all over him and it's too much !! Chase is outnumbered the guys lift his nude body and carry him back thru the forest. He is taken to a cabin in the woods not far away. The cabin is equipped with a variety of kink items and bondage fetish toys and paraphernalia. Chase is bound, gagged and suspended from the ceiling with pulleys and cables that have him swinging helplessly in midair. Sam Swift comes out with dick in hand and already nice and hard. He forces Chase to suck his dick to Sam's satisfaction. While that is going on,Diesel Washington comes out and starts ass play with Chase whose really getting turned up. Diesel spreads that tender ass open and starts nourishing from it and tongue fucking the asshole. There are two more men making love to Chase's feet and toes and Xl is sucking the youngster's cock. All of the various activities are sending poor helpless Chase over the top. It's all very intense and he can't stand it! The guys are all doing what they want to Chase who has no choice but to submit. They are freely switching off on sexual activities as well. However, once Diesel has fully saturated Chase's grand bubble of an ass,Diesel plunges deep with his giant cock and gives the lad a pounding like he never had! After Diesel, Xl takes his turn fucking Chase whose moans and whimpers have grown louder. Once Xl has put a dent in the bountiful booty, Sam Swift drives it on home! By this time, Chase is being jacked and sucked and fucked to the extremes. He is actually pleading and crying out "Ooo! NO! PLEASE! Ooh!" Chase's cries are only motivating the sexual game if the seasoned vets as the continue to attack and finish him off. Once all loads have been released and Chase's,eruption takes place, he is so spent and worn that he feels very faint. That was the first time he had such intense sex and NEVER had any control over what was going on. He will never forget this experience!!!!
    21 April, 2017 - 12:04 AM