Damian Brooks

Damian Brooks 4k

3.2 /5
birthday 30 November
ethnicity Black
eye color Brown
hair color Black
tattoos yes
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  • Travis Deon Haddington
    from: United States
    Damian Brooks should be much more visible in the industry than what he is presently. He is so well endowed and there is a wide audience who really gets off on what he has to offer; not to mention the number of great looking well endowed guys who would not pass up on the opportunity to sink their cocks in all of that bootylicious rump roast. I occasionally get into a little bit of basic kink. It saddens me though to see so few of the beautiful sexy and handsome black gay pornstars venture off into that territory. I was wondering whether or not Damian Brooks has ever considered indulging in any of that basic, relatively first level kink to try out? I think it would definitely increase the scope of his fans and exposure, especially with that remarkable ass he's got. That would separate him from the existing stars who perform in the fetish area of kink. None of the performers in that field have an ass that is as incredible as Damian's. It would be a refreshing sight to see Damian do a little bondage sex, bound gods, rape, imprisonment, confinement with leather, chains,and slings, etc. The very idea of Damian being bound, rimmed, eaten, and butt fucked at the mercy of someone else who is an athletic, virile and handsome studs is such a turn on. Especially dominant ass play while Damian is possibly wiggling, begging, and struggling to get free . DAMN that is such a turn on for me. I will always be a fan of Damian Brooks, but it would be great to see you try out a little bit of kink.
    31 March, 2018 - 12:03 AM
  • Bruce Reinhardt
    from: United States
    If there were ever a person who could tap into the power of hypnosis through their ass cheeks, it would be Damian Brooks! Man, I would love to be able to get a hold of some of that junk you got in your trunk! Mmm, Mmm, mmmm! If you just knew about how many times I have imagined getting lost in between those two, full ass, perfectly round, jiggly gluteus hemispheres of yours, you would probably be afraid of me and my sexual prowess. It wouldn't do me any better if I saw you in person. Hell, I would undoubtedly loose it, grab you, take you somewhere secluded, bend you over and start eating every bit of that ass filet you've got. The first time I saw you in a video , it was the one where you had plumbing issues in your apartment and you called the Plumber to fix it. The plumber was Sam Swift and he saw you in that jock strap, lost control, and fucked the daylights out of you! I really liked that and I hope you do more videos with Sam Swift!
    31 March, 2018 - 12:03 AM
  • Greer Renfro
    from: United States
    I still would long for the day when I see Damian Brooks and that juicy fuckable ass of his take on a monster cock that is nearly too damn much for him to take. I want him to be to be sneaked up to and surprised by a prowler who has a massive schlong and a seething desire to stretch the hole of the biggest, bounciest guys ass he can find as a personal challenge! He should grab Damian from behind, cover his mouth so that he can't scream or call for help. He should take Damian tie him up in a position where his juicy bubble ass is incredibly vulnerable convenient, and ripe for the poking! Damian is unable to move to free himself. He can only barely wiggle that big ass of his to try to loosen up the ropes. That tiny little ass wiggling is just enough to make the long thick schlong rapist's mouth water as the thought of poking into that juicy butt steak only further excites him. Damian is very naive. He thinks that it's merely a robbery taking place. He tells the prowler where to find the money and his valuables. He walks over and opens up a drawer that has nothing but very racy underwear briefs, jock straps and Speedos. Damian asks the big dick terror what was he planning to do with him. He takes two small bikini briefs and gags Damian! Next, he parts open Damian's juicy bubble ass cheeks and just stares at his pulsating hole. He boldly tells Damian that his ass is yearning for a slab of meaty sausage and immediately starts rimming, licking, and tongue fucking to get it soaked and wet. Damian is moaning because he is begging to be let go and wants the prowler to leave. Later on, the moans start to mean that the ass eating is starting to turn Damian on and the evidence shows as he has an erection that is noticed by his aggressor. Damian's hole is glistening sloppy wet and pulsating more. He is ready to get fucked! The rapist's member is at full attention and ready for duty. He slides right inside, but it is still a very snug fit. Surprise shows up in Damian's eyes; he actually feels his asshole being stretched to a new dimension! Suddenly, the powerful thrusts begin and it's just like someone has turned on a power drill! The rapist thoroughly enjoying this juicy, tight plunging challenge, can't get enough of that ass. He can tell that even though Damian is enjoying it himself, that it still hurts just a little bit ever so often as that big ass of his is finally getting a REAL stretching for the first time ever! The rapist even showed a little mercy by milking Damian's cock while he fucked him since he was completely tied and gagged. When he made Damian cum, he was very light headed, he felt like he may faint. As soon as he shot his load inside of Damian and slowly pulled out, he just stared at that juicy, sloppy, cummy hole. Seconds later Damian's hole erupts like a volcano! Cum just flowing out in a streamy mess! Finally it's dripping. The rapist shot such a huge load inside of Damian, that his ass actually backed up and overflowed! There it was cum still dripping down from his hole, and a slimy mess on one of his ass cheeks.
    22 March, 2018 - 12:03 AM
  • Rex Adams
    from: United States
    There is a lot of talk about a gay vampire movie possibly coming to the scene. If that's true, I think that would be awesome. One thing that I have noticed is that in my years of watching vampire movies, outside of the movie BLACULA, I have never seen Black people featured in any predominantly white vampire movies. My guess would be that it's because a vampire is romantic, sexy, and scary at the same time and for so long society has been programmed to not see Black people as objects of desire. I think that this reflects the narrow minded thoughts of society. This gay vampire movie will be the chance for them to see some growth and progressive thinking. Since the gay vampire eats ass, that means that a nice bubble butt would attract the vampire who also has carnal desires. Damian Brooks would make a fabulous object of desire for the ass eating blood ducking predator of the night. Damian is handsome, mild mannered, and has a voluptuous juicy ass that the vampire would be to nourish his sexual appetite from. Another added bonus is a Black would be featured in a predominantly white vampire movie. Granted, even the movie Blacula had whites who were captured by the vampire as well as Blacks, I have never seen it the other way around. Cast Damian Brooks as one of the vampires sexual captives.
    18 May, 2017 - 12:05 AM
  • Kendrick Owens
    from: United States
    Can't talk about bunches of booty without having Damian Brooks to come to mind! My fetish is ass, I love, breathe, and sleep ass and Damian's luscious cheeks is just what my doctor would've prescribed for me! Ample and bountiful butt ripened ass ready for some thick Johnson bratwurst to slide right in, deliciously. I have a great idea for a little sexy flick for Damian to star in, The Capturing of Sleeping Booty. There's a kingdom of dudes, studs, and princes all handsome and somewhat endowed , they all have one thing in common. They are all looking for that perfect piece of ass that will fully satisfy the appetite of a girthy, long dong. There is rumor of a humble citizen of the working class who has such a voluptuously full booty that it is actually enchanted! The word about the kingdom is that whomever can capture this ass in the dark of night and take it home to his own sacred bed, and can attack it with seething sexual passion for the duration of the night, will be blessed with the keys to the kingdom and have limitless wealth for the rest of his days! Such a tempting and generous offer gave lots of hope and promise to multitudes of guys around the kingdom, why it even brought in schools of outsiders quite frequently. The only common problem is, no one knew who had such an ass because it was a well kept secret and all the desirable bottoms around town wore full, long pantaloons which draped over their butts and that made it more of a challenge to try and spot out of the crowds of people. One day, one of the extremely handsome and very, very well endowed dudes came to spend a day in the kingdom for fun and adventure. He heard about rumors of getting the keys to the kingdom, but the idea of actually pursuing it was far from his mind. He was simply trying to enjoy being in new and unfamiliar territory. That morning after breakfast, and a leisurely stroll about the kingdom, the dude worked up a little sweat and went to the community bathhouse and spa to relax and refresh himself. He went to a private bath in a roped off section of the bathhouse. One particular humble bath servant who brought him towels and gad given him a rub down caught his interest. The servant was very dutiful, but didn't say very much. In fact, he seemed quite shy. When the dude finished his routine at the bathhouse, he decided to linger around in secret. He had been watching the bathhouse servant and felt that something was special about him. As time passed and the servant worked, time did come for him to have a break. He had a light lunch, did some squats for exercise, and was going for a refreshing dip afterwards and return to work. Dude had been spying on the servant the whole time without being noticed. However, when the servant did his squats, he had on far less clothes and dude saw something that was begging for his attention, the biggest,roundest, juiciest, most voluptuous ass he had ever seen in all of his life! In fact,dude had a massive boner the entire time the servant was doing his squats. The dude became more than obsessed with the mysterious humble servant. He couldn't get him off of his mind. He spied on the servant for the rest of the day and followed him home while remaining undetected. Viewing from a distance, dude was able to see that the servant led a simple quiet life. Dude sat in deep thought over this servant, he couldn't turn off his mind from the beautiful sight of ass he had seen earlier doing the squats at the bathhouse. He thought of the legendary story he heard about the keys to the kingdom and started putting two and two together. Surely he couldn't let this opportunity pass him by! Late that night, long after the servant went to sleep, dude had been gazing in the window of the servant's sleeping chamber. All of that enticing ass gave glory to ceiling while he slept. Dude was watching him sleep and he had a boner at the same time. His mouth watered as he gazed at the ass pointing up during the servant's slumber. Dude had to take it! He climbed into the window and entered the sleeping quarters. Very carefully,he bound the servants arms,ankles, and gagged him, very careful not to wake him. Wanting to get a quick sample first, dude took a firm hold of both full ass cheeks and stretched them apart. He used his long tongue to drill right into the servant's butthole and it tasted sweet and delicious as golden honey. He felt the servant's body quiver in response to the quick lingual butt drilling he gave the servant who remained asleep. He then remembered that the story said that the ass had to be brought to the the captor's own bed where savage passion would take place the whole night. He thought of getting back to his own bed and how he'd have to literally kidnap this servant and feared that he may not succeed. Little did he know that whenever the servant slept, he was actually under the enchantment of his voluptuous ass and wasn't going to wake up, for his ass was virgin and longing to be passionately invaded. He carried the servant out of the home and transported back to his own home which was located outside of the kingdom. Dude had a steamy, passion filled night aggressively attacking that beautiful, voluptuous virgin ass all night long. It surprised him that the servant remained asleep, but was still very responsive with moans of pleasurable delight and a little sexy squirm here and there as dude tapped that ass and hit all the right spots. He had fun fucking the ass and the mouth of the prince without waking him. Still very surprised that he didn't awaken with all the things he was doing to the submissive servant. It wasn't until dawn when the dude was eating more ass and milking and sucking the servant's cock while still being bound. In fact, it wasn't until he made the servant cum a river from both the enchanted ass and dick at the same time, when the servants eyes opened up to a joyous overtaking of his body. He didn't know what happened but he enjoyed whatever it was. Never felt better. Dude untied the servant, they kissed passionately and lived happily ever after!
    21 April, 2017 - 12:04 AM
  • Peter Stanley
    from: United States
    Damian Brooks has ass a plenty indeed. I would like to see him try a double penetration! It would be most exciting to see all of that ass being invaded by Sam Swift and Barrett Long at the same time! I am sure Damian would have lots of fun taking this challenge of two large dongs traveling deep up that remarkable, beautiful ass!! I think he can handle it with no problem being that he works out doing squats.
    18 April, 2017 - 12:04 AM
  • Xandor Raye
    from: United States
    Some friends and I watched a couple of sex flicks that Damian Brooks played in. Afterwards we had a major discussion about the dude. No doubt, bro man has got it going on plus he has a raw star quality, and no I am not just saying that cause ass is my weakness and Damian has plenty to go around! We all agree that Damian can really blow up in this industry if he wants to, it's just a matter of him hooking up with the right person and getting a mentoring hand to buff out the rough edges. In our discussion I said that I felt like Damian should hook up with a pro who works on both sides of the camera. My friend agreed and suggested that Damian dona couple things with Adam Killian, who is pretty legendary and widely known. Do some flicks with him tapping that ass of yours and he will probably want to use you in more of his own projects once he has had a taste of Damian's goods. Damian will get a wider scope of exposure and the opportunities and the money will multiply themselves! Hook up with Adam Killian and become a bigger star,we want him tapping that ass, enjoy the sex and best of luck to you! We want big successes for Damian Brooks and his fantastic butt!
    12 April, 2017 - 12:04 AM
  • Nate Roberts
    from: United States
    I just saw Damian Brooks and Tyson Tyler together in the video, "Gym Partners" and it was good to me. I have to admit that Damian really got next to and flipped my switch on when I saw him doing those squats with those tiny shorts on! I would've loved to rip his ass right from those shorts and ate ALL of that fluffy highly ass of his! Mmm, mmmm, good! And when Tyson had Damian turned around and jacked up against the wall tearing that ass up, I couldn't help but scream! Damian's beautiful ass was just sitting there sticking out from the wall with a subliminal invitation attached to it saying "Come and get some!" I would've taken ALL of it and possibly asked for some more! I would've liked to see Damian wearing similar attire in a situation where some shady police officers detain him and pull him aside to do some nasty perverted things to him. Damian walks up to the entrance of the gym to get in his daily workout. Just as he grabs the door handle to go into the main entrance of glass doors two police officers approach him from either side simultaneously and each one them have grabbed his arms. " Drop the gym bag and come with us!" one of them said in a very intimidating tone. The two big muscle bound cops lift Damian straight up off the ground to where his feet and legs are swinging in the air. "Please officer, sir what's this about? Did I do something wrong? Oh,what're you going to do with me? WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME?!" Damian said in fear and protest. The officers follow the perimeter of the gym outside and take him to the secluded alley behind the building. One of the officers decided that he would explain what was going on, he had been distracted by the clingy tight shorts that hugged Damian's ass crack. "The first thing we want to clear up is this! Just what the hell are you wearing?" Damian was asked by the officer whose badge number was 456 and the name V Hayes. "Please, officer Hayes, I was just going to workout." "Wow! He called you Hayes and I don't recall you giving him permission to address you!" instigated the partner whose badge number was 916 and name read as C Duncan. "No disrespect intended Officer Duncan, I just read your name tags is all." "Looks like we got a smart ass!"Hayes proclaimed,"Look here, Miss Know it all, you still didn't answer my first question...what the fuck are you wearing?" "Work out gear sir." Damian explained. Duncan jumped right in,"Your attire is completely inappropriate. Work out gear is to be worn in the workout facility and strictly while you are working out and during that time only. What you're wearing is too short, too tight and too sexy and the crack of your ass is slowly gathering up the middle of these tiny shorts you are wearing!" Hayes was looking at the bottoms of Damian's ass cheeks as they were peering out from the bottoms of the snug fitted briefs. He started tickling Damian's butt cheeks with his fingers, "You know,Duncan, I think he's trying to catch him one or he is soliciting!" Damian was startled and off guard as he felt Officer Hayes' hand feeling his ass, "Oh, my God! Please, please don't touch me there! You shan't do that!" By this time, Hayes was literally shaping Damian's already rounded ass with both of his hands, "OH, I SHAN'T!" Hayes mocked Damian's speaking tone. Duncan forcefully orders Damian to shut up, because he started to scream and cry for help shouting to the world that the officer was getting his ass! When Duncan told him to shut up, he covered Damian's mouth briefly and put his other hand visibly on his gun to quiet the perpetrator. Damian was forced to stand with his legs spread widely apart and made to lean up against the building. The officers both pretended to frisk Damian for weapons, but actually they were getting freaky and nasty feeling him up all over the place.Damian was afraid and getting aroused at the same time. He shut his eyes very tight and said barely above a whisper, "Please don't rape me!" Duncan was staring at Damian's ass, it looked like it was coming out of those shorts anyway. Duncan starts to finger fuck Damian's ripe,tender, and juicy ass right through the tiny little shorts he was wearing,he mocked Damian once more with, "Oh I SHAN'T,alright!!" His finger fucking was turning Damian on, he was starting to moan and get weak. Suddenly, Duncan imbedded his finger so far up Damian's ass that he could feel his shorts starting to rip apart! Damian's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he was penetrated beyond the threshold now. Duncan ripped the ass right out of the shorts and Damian's vulnerable butt was fully exposed and pulsating with desire. Duncan raped Damian's beautiful ass and Damian initially screamed and cried rape! Hayes reacted rather quickly by shoving his oversized erect dick in Damian's mouth,forcing him to suck the pacifier! Damian had been hog tied and cuffed before it was all over , but the threesome continued first in the alley, then inside of the cruiser, and finally in a deserted locker room inside of the gym.Duncan and Hayes were sprung, they couldn't get enough if Damian and his sweet tender delicious ass. They did everything they could to the poor helpless victim of rape.
    8 April, 2017 - 12:04 AM
  • Rich Hall
    from: United States
    A guy like Damian Brooks needs to noticed more by the masses. Lil' Man has plenty to offer. The bruthuh's packing both ass and dick. Many of the other porn stars would have a ball fucking all of his ass. It just sits up pouting on display, hungry for dick! I wanna see the bruthuh' hook up with big Diesel Washington,a dude who HAS to eat up the booty before he sticks it. Diesel should back Lil' Man in a corner and creep him out staring at him earlier. "Why you watching me so close? Is there something you want?" Diesel taunts. "Naw, bro! I thought you were someone else I once knew." Damian explained with both fear and lust in his eyes. He apologizes to Diesel and tries to walk away. Diesel grabs Damian and puts him against the wall. Diesel fondles the little dude and then notices that Damian's dick is getting hard. Diesel calls the little guy out on it and starts aggressively tearing off Damian's clothes. Finally Diesel has stripped poor Damian down to a very flimsy pair of edible skivvies that are somewhat small on the little guys large bubble ass, his hard dick is protruding from the front of the kinky underwear."Well, what do we have here?" Diesel says,"Looks like you were prepared for some kinky shit ANYWAY!!" He manhandles Damian, who begins to plead for his well being. Diesel tosses the little guy on a table face down and grips both of Damian's perfectly rounded ass cheeks and just digs right in orally. Diesel eats the briefs completely off of his vulnerable and totally exposed victim. Once the underwear has been ingested, Diesel starts to eat the booty. All of Damian's fears and apprehensions turn into moans of sheer pleasure and euphoria. Damian later returns the favor by sucking Diesel's big dick. Once Diesel's dick is as hard as it can get, he aggressively flips the script and turns Damian over and attacks him. Although things had changed and Damian wanted to give him the ass, it really didn't matter because Diesel was taking it and that he did! He took ALL of the dudes ass right away from him!
    6 April, 2017 - 12:04 AM
  • E. MacIntyre
    from: United States
    I saw you in a flick with Sam Swift the other day. He was a Plummer and you were getting him to fix your sink. Just as Sam got started on the job, You went out and came back in with an itty bitty jock on that hugged your ample rounded and full ass cheeks. You came out and stood over Sam with all that juicy ass of yours just asking to get poked! Sam took all he could until he grabbed you and fucked the shit out of you! What I am trying to say is that I enjoyed watching it! Man, you got a big ass! It amazes me that a little guy as yourself could be packing that much beautiful and fuckable ass! Never seen anything like it before! Unfortunately I have not seen much of your work. I tell you what I want to see you in, though, I have an idea for a flick for you especially, Damian Brooks! I want to see you in the gym and all about teasing the athletes of the wrestling team as they were practicing and getting ready to leave for the day. DAMIAN is wearing the smallest coziest little jock. The straps are hugging his rounded ass just enough to plump it up a little . It has captured the attention of the wrestlers all throughout their practice time. DAMIAN, being short and thick hipped was the mascot for the team. Damian knows that he is stirring up the guys in his barely there clothing. As time goes by the wrestlers grew more restless as they drooled over the little guy's bountiful ass cheeks. Damian is being very coy, he wouldn't give any of these dudes the time of day. Finally, one of the wrestlers just snapped and grabbed you! You were yelling and pleading for help. The agile athlete took you deep into the locker room,tied you up and forced you to suck his dick. Once you supped his milk, the brawny predator flipped you over and exposed your pulsating buttocks as they were juicy and waiting to be violated! The wrestler pulled your ass apart and made it his candy dish. He ate Damian and rimmed him so intensely that Damian automatically started to cum. Damian was so delicious to his captor that eating him alone nearly wore the poor kid out. Just as he thought it was over, he was fucked up that tender ass until the athletic prince came in Damian's oraface . Before Damian knew it, there was another dick in his mouth! It was another member of the wrestling team! Suddenly he felt another pair of much larger hands manipulating his fluffy ass! OMG! The athletes are having him after all! They pulled a train on Damian and his ass! By the time the last team member raped poor Damian,he was raw and feeling very worn out. While his hole was raw from all the dicks that invaded it earlier. His jawbone felt like it had been dislocated from all the dicks he was forced to suck. Suddenly, he saw the Coach approaching him and sporting a hard on that frightened and intimidated Damian, it was much larger than any of the previous dicks that violated Damian. "You're coming home with me and there's nothing you can do about it!" Those threatening words coupled with the thought of that beastly dick impaling his already tender fruits, frightened the lad so, that he fainted helplessly in the arms of the coach, who threw his captured treasure over his broad shoulders and carried him out. As he took Damian out, he continued to stretch, lube, and prep poor Damian's ripe fruit for his own big girthy dong. I guess the lessons learned is that Damian will think twice before stuffing that much ass in a tiny jock! I don't think that he will be displaying his fruitful goodies in front of those salivating team members! I think that this flick would be fun to watch if you make it! You will definitely have fun putting it together. I can't wait to see if you can make this!
    2 April, 2017 - 12:04 AM
  • james w. warren
    from: United States
    is your father mane James Brooks?
    6 October, 2015 - 12:10 AM